2023: Nigeria In Need Of Transformational Leaders And Genuine change

Richard Odusanya

Richard Odusanya

There is an urgent need for a total reorientation on the concept of LEADERSHIP, especially in the civil governance and it’s now! The time is ripe for a time tested leadership; this is the time for a Transformational Leader to step forward. A leadership with Courage, Capacity and Competence.

Transformational leadership is a leadership style that can inspire positive changes in those who follow; transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the team succeed as well, and by extension the larger society.

With transformational leaders, I am setting the bar still higher. I have in mind leaders who play a decisive role in introducing systemic change – fundamental change and innovative method of doing things within the technological, political or economic system – the examples of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs readily comes to mind. Bill Gates revolutionized the world, so also Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is known for being one of the most iconic transformational leaders in the world.

At a critical time like this, Nigeria needs more than ordinary managers of national affairs. Good governance inheres in good leadership. Without transformational leadership, Nigeria may continue to lag while other societies continue to speed to success and in some cases using Nigeria’s resources.

The leadership and security crisis seizing Nigeria these days are numerous; trust deficits, lack of accountability and good governance, including kidnappings for ransom. Some years ago, the spotlight was on violent conflict between farmers and herders. Before that, it was Boko Haram. Even earlier, it was the tensions in the Niger Delta, and so on.

As Nigeria lurches from one violent conflict to another, the country’s leaders and its international supporters become easily – and perhaps understandably – fixated on the latest manifestation of insecurity. The larger problem, however, is that none of this will ever change unless the focus turns more firmly and consistently to the thread that runs through all of that upheaval: the failures of governance.

Instructively, Businessman and Chairman Heirs Holdings, Mr Tony Elumelu, yesterday, 17th March, bemoaned the fact that Nigeria was losing over 95 per cent of its oil production to thieves. He further elaborated on the issue of poor leadership and subsequently, admonished Nigerians to wake up and hold the leadership class accountable. This is coming from a member of the organized private sector and it is timely.

Hopefully, many more of our captains of industries, accomplished and critical stakeholders, particularly the leaders of faith will ultimately lend their voices. “Evil  prevails when good people keep silent.” Could fear be the reason why they are silent? Most also don’t speak out because they want to be in the system some day, they don’t want a situation where past comment will hunt them.

Conclusively, let me confess my state of mind: Whenever, I am confronted with, let us pray for Nigeria. Whenever I hear “let’s pray for our nation Nigeria,” that’s my cue for a moment of silence till the next prayer point.

Our beloved country Nigeria is at a crossroad, we need the mindset of the biblical ‘Nehemiah’ much more than just praying. This is because Nigeria, has become like an hamster on wheels, it looks like it’s running but it is still on one spot, repeating the circles.



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