The yoke of slavery used by Fulani, Arabs and Berbers from the Middle East was rejected by Zanj Bantu East Africans since the 9th century; it destroyed Songhai Empire in 1591. The ugly head reared recently in Sudan and today it is boiling in other African countries. Though denigrated in the Middle East, Europe or America; the game plan is to make Africans believe they are Fulani, Arabs, Berbers and African Europeans. It is enough to divide, rule and conquer Africans’ Political Economy.

The Zanj are the 9th century Bantu of East Africa enslaved in ancient Iraq. They staged several bloody guerilla wars until they overcame and ruled their conquerors in the Abbasid Empire for 15 years. The inhumane subjugation of the Zanj Bantu, used for manual labor in the salt marshes of Basra ancient Iraq, under unbearable conditions erupted into revolts that led to the greatest Rebellion Movement by African slaves not only in the Islamic world but one of the largest and longest slave rebellions in the history of the world. The Zanj Bantu are the pride of informed Africans today.

Did the Hausa know that The Zanj Bantu Revolts in ancient Iraq and Iran succeeded? Zanj ruled and dominated the slave conquerors for more than 15 years (869…883) until the combination of Arabs, Berbers and Fulani from Morocco, Egypt and Arabia took back the area. Informed Hausa know the history of their Seven States usurped by Usman Dan Fodio that had come from the land of the Arabs, Berbers and Fulani of the Middle East. The same people that subdued, castrated African men and raped African women. They replaced their African brothers in Egypt, Libya and Morocco. They are still moving southwards today. The way Morocco broke up the ancient Mali Empire, Fulani are using Hausa slaves to break up more African countries.

The Fulani invasion has never stopped. They confused the International communities in Sudan about who was oppressing and terrorizing who, along color lines. Since some Blacks claim affinity with Fulani, Arabs and Berbers to gain privilege than the natural light skin Africans. The same way you would see Hausa in Nigeria that completely identify with Fulani, Berbers and Arabs fighting light skin Africans that stand by their Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo lineage in Africa.  Once some Africans have natural light skin, they assume foreign lineage to claim privileges. Most Hausa darker than light skinned Nigerians claim affinity with Fulani for privileges.

Unfortunately, so many Africans still do. They need to be educated about The Zanj Revolts of 869 in the Middle East (as they prefer to differentiate themselves from Africa). The unrepentant Terrorists in Nigeria do not believe they are Hausa, they think they are Fulani, Arabs or Berbers. Then came the same Fulani, Arabs and Berbers as Usman Dan Fodio that captured the great grandfathers of Hausa Terrorists like Muhammadu Buhari and Isinkalu Wakili to revive the crusade. Whenever they look in the mirrors, they see their conquerors like children that prefer white dolls to black dolls.

Colonialism is alive and doing well as the descendants of the slave master keep it up in their mentality. Their behavior and more importantly, Fulani captured slaves are used against themselves. Some Hausa see themselves as glorified Fulani that have more in common with Fulani, not with Africans genetically. It is like if Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry called herself white because she is mixed. Unfortunately, as much as her husband sees her and their children as one and the same genetically, the British Royal Family beg to differ. It is the history of One Drop Rule.

We see this in social circles all over Africa. Some East African Bantu whose mothers were raped during Arab raids for slaves to work in Mesopotamia hold on to their mothers’ Arab rapists phenotype of One Drop blood as superiority complex. It must be pointed out that you also find other Africans who claimed they descended from Israel, Egypt or Arabia when we know that Africa is the birthplace of mankind.

The fascination with anything closer to white is not limited to Africa as seen by world pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies capitalizing on it. So they all bleach to look “attractive and beautiful”. There was a video of exclusive mixed African children overseas displaying African dance steps which is fine if Black Africans and White kids were included. But their ignorance and inferiority complex dictated that marrying whites gives you privileges that British Royal House rejected, sending Meghan Markle and Prince Harry into mental spin since their children were rejected as Prince or Princess.

Why would The Bantu captured from East Africa to work in the Salt mines of ancient Iraq, Hausa or any African want to identify with their slave masters as Arabs, Berbers or Fulani? The same Africans that were driven out of the Middle East so that Arabs, Berbers and Fulani can claim African ancient civilizations are proud to be Fulani in Nigeria to continue the mission of Usman Dan Fodio from the Hausa Seven States to the South of Nigeria. The conquest of Hausa whose fathers were massacred in slavery and mothers raped as they did to The Zanj in ancient Iraq; are now used as bandits, militias and herdsmen to capture the rest of Nigerians.

The Fulani remain a minority in Africa with exaggerated power because they have been executing the same tactic since Usman Dan Fodio. They use Africans to capture Africans. Go to North Africa, Europe and the Middle East and see how Fulani, Arabs and Berbers treat Africans. They disdain the descendants and children of African fathers they had castrated and African mothers they had raped after capture.

Compare these Africans that have never been accepted in the Middle East because of their obvious black phenotype to those who glorify themselves as Fulani in Black Africa. These children of overthrown Dynasties and raped women are still carrying out the mission of Usman Dan Fodio within the Hausa captured slave descendants. Hausa since Usman Dan Fodio have been conditioned to tow the line. Even when the minority Fulani do not have the number, they have been able to divide and rule. This is not different to the creation of economic privileges in Virginia USA in 1787 along color line.

So, why would any Hausa in his right mind identify with their captors? It has to do with privilege. If any Hausa in Northern Nigeria wants to get anywhere, get a lucrative position or get elected, they must claim some relationship to their Fulani captors. Join the Party the elites Fulani belong to as Fulani wannabes. Until Hausa man or woman pledges allegiance to the Fulani hierarchy, he will be left out in dry. If Hausa capitulated and accepted the Fulani sect of Muslim religion, they are good conscientious people. Otherwise, they are infidels that deserve to die.

Therefore, when Hausa look at themselves and claim they are Fulani, Arabs or Berbers, they are not alone. It is a long history of slaves identifying with their owners. Nigerian Head of State is one of those confused Hausa claiming to be Fulani and repressing his own Hausa and other indigenous Africans of his Country in the interest of Fulani and Arabs. Most of the Hausa cannot speak or understand Fulbe but the Fulani only speak to them in Hausa not Fulbe. Hausa as Abdul (servant) must not only kill their own Hausa nonbelievers, they must carry the jihad to the South.


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