Yemi Osinbajo: Extrinsic Religiousness, Fallacies and Bitterness

Religiosity is a term that is used in sociology to describe the quality of an individual’s religious beliefs and experiences and the role that religion plays in society. It has been likened to spirituality, orthodoxy, piousness, and religious devotion. The term typically describes how one participates in religious practices or customs. The religiosity meaning is also often used to describe how religion influences society since religious morals and beliefs have often been used to inform laws and norms in groups of people. The term is distinguished from religion in that religion denotes the set of values, principles, or beliefs that give rise to religiosity; religiosity is how people exercise their religious views. Ironically, Extrinsic Religiousness connotes the opposite.

Similarly, fallacy is a kind of error in reasoning. Fallacious arguments should not be persuasive, but they too often are. Fallacies may be created unintentionally, or they may be created intentionally in order to deceive other people. The vast majority of the commonly identified fallacies involve arguments, although some involve only explanations, or definitions, or other products of reasoning. Sometimes the term “fallacy” is used even more broadly to indicate any false belief or cause of a false belief. The list below includes some fallacies of these sorts, but most are fallacies that involve kinds of errors made while arguing informally in natural language.

Oftentimes, politicians kill and betray each other because of political positions or appointments. But this situation deprives the Nigerian political space of the necessary impetus for integrity. Therefore, their hates and bitterness are not easy of comprehension by some of us. Politics should not be seen as do-or-die affair — although in the 2007 presidential campaigns, the then President C-in-C of Nigeria, Olusegun Okikiola ‘Aremu’ Obasanjo, infamously said: “This election is a do-or-die affair.” So, unfortunate the former president ‘Obj’ has not deemed it fit to apologize to the nation for such indiscretion. Nevermind, politicians who destroy and betray each other do so because they lack ethics of politics and true meaning of politics.

The fact that you lost your presidential primary election is not sufficient reason to be so embittered. We misrepresent God when we wear his name but not his attributes. Yemi Osinbajo, a pentecostal senior pastor, erudite scholar, a beneficiary of God’s unquantifiable grace, a professor of law and the current VP of the federal republic of Nigeria so embittered, that he completely distant himself and the wife a granddaughter of the awolowo’s from activities for the presidential election of his benefactor. I met Yemi, for the first time in the late eighties when he was an S.A in the office of the then Attorney general prince Bola Ajibola. I was fascinated by his simplicity and that of Dolapo his wife to be then. Fast-forward, in the last quarter of the year 2014, immediately after the APC primary election that produced our current president Muhammadu Buhari. I shared with two of our mutual friends the possibility of Yemi emerging from the position of “underdog” and become the Vice-president – it ultimately became a reality.

Flowing from the foregoing, I was startled and very disturbed by the Osinbajo’s unsportsmanlike attitude, given the privileges and significance of his current position and how much his family members have enjoyed the benevolence of God. I honestly think that as a sitting Vice-President, a position he attained through divine arrangement, should necessarily have humbled him and make him see the futility and deceitfulness of men who are driven by opportunism, using religion as a camouflage, no doubt he was mislead. The same set of opportunity seekers are currently on another voyage misleading and manipulating another of their victim, whom also is a manipulator.

Incidentally, Yemi Osinbajo was overrated and projected far above reality, and unceremoniously ended up as a second runners up behind calm and calculated Rotimi Amechi. So, where is the bitterness coming from? Even if you removed the winner of the primary election Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT), Yemi will still be behind Rotimi Amechi. In all of this, I fear religious people, they have either discovered God does not exist or they have learnt to get Him to forgive their sins as quickly as they commit. Either way, those people do not fear God. Undoubtedly, the supremacy of God is unquestionable, however the so-called men of god in their deceitfulness have given some of us reasons to do a proper soul-searching.



Odusanya is a Nonreligious African committed to Humanitarianism, Emancipation and Egalitarianism

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