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In life, we are faced with circumstances and barricades that we can not pass through because we do not possess a particular privilege to handle them. Whether you choose to recognize it or not; male privilege is a huge factor in our society, it troops in anytime there’s a need. From issues surrounding marriage to job opportunities and societal acceptance.

Male Privilege is the system of advantages or rights that is available to men solely based on their sex. This implies that just because you were born male; you tend to gain a lot more than women.

There is no bias to this because there are tons of instances where there are female privileges too. In this piece, I’m going to dissect how male privilege affects the female gender both knowingly and unknowingly. Also what men can do to ensure equality in any form.

When it comes to the issue of marriage; as a grown man the amount of pressure on you to start a family is less as compared to that of females. A man is expected to have something to do for a living and also attain a particular height of success before he is advised to marry, on the other hand — the average young female doesn’t have this privilege. At a point in life where women are mocked for not getting married; men are praised for attaining success.

I was having a conversation with my mom and I told her that I want to get a car next year and she outrightly objected to it; stating that it will make men run away from me!

Funny but sad. Imagine if it was my brother that aired something like this, it will be received with pleasure and accolade.

Another instance of male privilege is seen when the issue of infidelity comes up in marriages or relationships. The way society mocks and demonizes female is extremely different from the way it is handled once it becomes a case of the man. The popular phrase “Men will be men” comes up thereby defending such condemnable attitudes. Women are often advised to be the bigger person in cases involving cheating or any scandal.

Also, the stigmatization that comes with women that are divorced is alarming in this part of the world. A particular school of thought believes that women should go through all the ills they face in their marriage in good faith. When a woman decides to leave, society makes it seem like they have committed the worse crime on earth. This stigma is nowhere attached to men that are divorced.

The year is 2020 and male privilege is happening in broad daylight. One way this can be tackled is through orientation; people need to be schooled that societal values evolve and things change. We should be able to accept changes because rigidity is not needed in society today.

Another way is for the male gender to see the female as equal and understand that women deserve the same positive treatment they get in society. Above all, it is important for us to exchange ideas on ways where our society can develop so that everyone can have a better place to live in.


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