“Would you have sex for a job position?”

Ordinarily, this is something I would shy away from but I am under necessity. A few days ago, I was passing time time on Twitter when I came across the above post on someone’s TL. Due to my nature of person, I just moved on to the next post cos I easily get irritated by such iberiberism. I am not sure of what that is but something urged me to go back to the post – I did.

The first few comments arrested my attention and so I took my time to peruse all the comments. Lo and behold, all the respondents (both males and females) said ‘Yes, they would have sex to get a Job’. They all hinged their reason on unemployment and hardship. The post was made by a South African. It elicited comments from different people in the African continent including Nigerians.

Now, let’s look at it from different perspectives.

I was not surprised by the comments; of course it is not new. I mean people do worse to get jobs. BUT, that people could come to the “general public” with their verified names and pictures on their profile to say they would have sex to get a Job, not minding their image speak volume of the level of hardship out there. It simply shows that all is not well. Of a truth, African leaders have failed the citizens. I am perturbed as to how far Africa, particularly Nigeria can continue with the state of things. Nigeria has no reason to be poor. It just that the wealth of this nation is in the hands of a privileged few, those that P.O.C Umeh referred to as Ambassadors of Poverty. Let’s not keep quiet, people. Let’s continue to escalate our voices to the government that the masses are suffering. Whether at the local, state or federal level, if you have the privilege to do so, please tell the government that the masses are suffering.

In another perspective, that people could publicly say they can trade sex for job shows how trivialized sex has become in the society. It simply shows sex is no longer sacred. It’s worrisome that we are in a generation where sex has become like soccer where you get the ball, have a feel of it and pass it on to another. It’s alarming that a 25-year-old guy/lady would tell you they have had sex with over a 100 people. We now recycle private parts. People now change sex partners like rag. Even if we remove the spiritual implications from this, it’s morally insane. We can’t be spiritually dead and at the same time morally bankrupt – that is sitting on a time bomb. Many private parts (male/female) have become public parts. You come on social media and everywhere is flooded with knack, knack, knack like Carpenters. You hear blow-job, head and whatever and you wonder where all these egbekegbekes are emanating from. One of the reasons some new couples find faults with their partner’s sexual performance is because they have had a taste of many people before coming into marriage. Of course, two ogbono soups, though made of the same ingredients cannot taste the same. Sir/ma, I know it’s your private part but please, help us. Keep it to your spouse and if you are not married, keep it to yourself. Enough of the recycling!!!

And then in another perspective, we need to understand that hardship didn’t start today and will not end in our time except this world ends. Every average African have their share of the spoil. Without mincing words, I have my share of the spoil too. And so, opting for execrable ways of making money is not the way forward. However we want to look at it, we will not be exonerated if we indulge in evil ways to make money. Stop sleeping with people you are not married to because of ephemeral gains. Stop scamming people on the Internet. Stop looking for pants to buy benz. Stop changing figures to embezzle funds. Stop patronizing native doctors. Stop pretending to be who you are not. Stop every iberiberistic iberiberism. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

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