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(Legacy: what people remember about you..)

I beg you!

Permit me to share my thoughts

Just friendly words in your ears

Perhaps only for those who want to listen

Imagine there are no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion, too

Imagine no possessions

Wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

And woman too!

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace

Imagine that…

Then, imagine our dear country!

How does one explain all the hatred?

The fear throughout our land

Is it insecurity that breeds fear?

Is it fear that breeds hatred?

We are a product of our environment

Yes, it is true!

Hatred breeds hatred

Yes, it is true!

Love breeds love

Yes, it is true!

We can all have evil tendencies

That is also true!

It takes sophistication

To bury our evil ways

Sophistication has levels

Oga, what is your level?

Talking about our Ogas

There are some

Elders, leaders, and elites

Who think they own Nigeria

And can do what they like

And yes, for some time

That dream seems real

But, it is only a dream

So, let me tell you

For this is the basic truth

The future as I see it

From my own sweet slumber

When you wake up

There will be two

Two types of people in Nigeria

I don’t know if you or I will be here

Maybe in Europe, Dubai or America

Or dead, if we are lucky

There will be two

Two types of people

The criminals with guns

And knives in the bush

And the other people

Hiding from them

Perhaps, our destruction

Is your desire

Is this your legacy?

So, let us start a conversation

With some home truths

There are some

Elders, leaders, and elites

Who rule Nigeria

And do what they like

And yes, at this time

The dream is real

But, it is only a dream

As sweet as it seems

Right now, the plan is to plunder

To excel in mismanagement

To create disorderliness and fear

To turn friends into enemies

Using pawns in the Ministries

And other organizations

Putting people in positions of power

Many unmerited for sure

Destroying our nation

By dumbing down education

Putting all at risk

Of being governed

By the mediocre

But, all of this is destroying

The fabric of this nation

Tearing up principles and protocols

A recipe for disaster

You can take that to the bank

Some think stomach infrastructure

Oh, it is worse than that

It debases the people

Bringing out evil tendencies

Creating a criminal class

And Furthermore

Some are arming bad-mannered boys

Allowing them to kidnap, kill and rape

Anyone not from their ilk

Without conscience or consequence

To condone kidnapping is bad

But not rape for sure

You think your wives are safe

But, you don’t know for sure

For now, it seems a nice dream

Yet, you will wake up from this

To find the nightmare on your door

Asking for your daughters too

For evil is evil

Regardless of whom you are

It will visit you too for sure

To wreck your life

Because in the end

Evil never wins

Yes, it is true!

God has a way

Of taking care of His own

And His message is to

Love all, even your enemies

You may say I’m a dreamer

But, I’m not the only one

I hope someday you will join us

And be liberated from fear…

Imagine that…

NB: Credits to Music by John Lennon

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