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Wife Material

The term ‘wife material’ has overly been misused especially among Nigerian ladies. There is literally no day on the internet or social media that this term does not come up most especially with ladies trying to show the world their homely and caring side or ability to wear the crown of a wife.

This term ‘wife material’ is usually on full display on various social media platforms when ladies cook good-looking meals and reportedly tidy up their partner’s apartment or wardrobe. Ladies, what you fail to understand is that being a wife or future partner to a man requires more than cooking skills and the ability to arrange and put things in order.

As a guy, I am sure most men out there will agree with me that for a lady to be termed ‘wife material’, cooking and great arranging skills do not just cut it. No man wants to marry a woman who cannot add value or bring something new and worthwhile to the table. It necessarily does not have to be financially; but bringing up ideas and solutions that can help improve the livelihood of your man is very important. If you are working to compliment your man’s finances, that is even better.

Being a wife material entails a lot of expectations other than cooking food, washing of clothes, going to the market and arranging things in an orderly manner. Are you a lady who nags? Are you one who never appreciates the efforts of your man and constantly calls him out at every slight opportunity you get? Are you constantly jealous and out to ridicule your man because he does not lavish on you like your friends’ boyfriend/man friend does?

I know it is the responsibility of a guy in any relationship to please his lady and spice up their relationship by showering her with gifts, love, taking her out and so on but ladies, you need to ask yourself this question: Are you in your present relationship to get things from your man without adding any form of value to his life? Do you think with such attitude and perception you can be tagged or branded ‘wife material’?

For all the men out there, I’ll end this piece with this adage: “He who wears the shoe knows where exactly it hurts”. What are the different attributes you look to have in the woman of your dreams? It sure has to vary from others but my advice to anyone reading this piece goes thus:

“Before putting a ring on her finger and wanting to embark on the longest journey of your life called marriage with the woman of your dreams, always remember to carefully look out for those traits that would make you come home every night other than a woman’s cooking skills because if food is the reason you come back home at night, I strongly believe that restaurants and fast-food joints in Abuja would never have thrived”

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