Why Are Kogi Coronavirus Deaths Happening In Abuja?

In the news: Abdulateef Suleiman, Personal Assistant to the governor of Kogi, Yahaya Bello, has been confirmed dead. 

In the news: Kogi State Chief Judge, Nasir Ajanah has reportedly died at the COVID-19 isolation centre in Gwagwalada, Abuja. 

The deaths in Abuja and not in Kogi State is a source of worry and should concern all Kogites. Why did these potential Covid-19 cases travel to Abuja for health care? Why were there no suitable places in the whole of Kogi state, capable of treating such eminent people? What is the health care situation in Kogi State and what are Kogites doing about it? 

Who is coming to Abuja next? What hospital would you go to?

Private hospitals: The government banned private hospitals from attending to Covid-19 victims even though private hospitals are a large part of the resources and manpower for health in Nigeria. The Minister of Health was so short-sighted in this decision, it’s infuriating. Many patients, especially the rich and famous do not trust government hospitals and would prefer to go to private hospitals in the first instance. But, many of the hospitals are not equipped to fight the virus and now have their hands tied behind their backs. 

Public hospitals: The health care personnel in the frontlines do not feel appreciated or supported. Many do not have the personal protective equipment (PPE) that would offer protection from the virus. Hospitals and especially the designated centres are not well catered for. Many hospitals do not have trained and well-kitted staff members.

We heard recently that those collecting Covid-19 test samples have not been paid for months. They have therefore abandoned their posts. The resident medical doctors were refused their entitlements and hazard allowances that the government promised. So, they also went on a short strike. 

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