Who would I buy from?

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

The voices are too many! All standing by the wayside shouting buy from me! Buy from me!!. They draged, wooed and persuaded me as much as they could just to make me buy from them.

Who would I buy from? Each claiming to have what I was looking for at a very good price.

Right inside my pocket was a big wrapped envelope, not empty but stuffed with currencies of many denominations, enough to buy all that I would need but small enough for my wants.

Who do I buy from? Who has what I need not my wants? the genuine products? How would I know the fake if I see one? Confused and distracted I asked to be left alone.

The voices were loud, the push and drag unimaginable. Even the clearest of the voices was swallowed by the noise and shout of those who though have no shop, but run around to make available all that one needs around the market space.

Turned to leave , at least to reduce the swam and swoop on me , the more they ran after me, draging and pulling, pleading I buy from them.

Of all the voices, there is this one that was sweet, smooth and convincing. From where we stood, he pointed to me where his shop was.

The glittering and glow from his shop became irresistible. I wanted to have a feel of such ambience and glamor. I took a step towards his shop, following him close to his heels.

I was warned. They called him a cheat, a liar , fake and 419 . Nothing the crowd didn’t say about him, though obnoxious and irresistible, I was stuck to him moving closer to his shop, pulled by nothing but the desire to behold the sparkling of his shop.

Suddenly I became blind to every sign of deception, deaf to hear the sound of lies and dump to speak out.

Stepped into his shop , I was swept off my feet by the arrays of things in his shop. They looked real.and their prices affordable with a credit facility if my cash runs out. What a trap! Making one too vulnerable to run away.

He was too nice to be a fraud. Too customer friendly to sell fake and substandard things. His shop was big and the rate of human traffic amazing. The wide road narrative!

No second passes without a customer coming in to buy. More of a beehive.

As I select my stuff, I heard a voice in a hushed manner asking for a refund. “Give me back my money! You are fake, you are a fraud, you used your sweet tongue to deceive me. I need my money back”.

As the owner tried to hush him, his voice increased the more. watching this unfolding drama, the zeal with which I was picking items went flat and the face of the masked face of my fake customer unmasked. Only then it dawned on me that not all that glitter are gold !

Our Christian journey is like a market place where all manner of items, products and services abound. It takes the right Spirit to make good choices of zero adverse consequences.

It may be rowdy and challenging to keep a decent and calm head without distractions, the presence of the Holy Spirit in ones walk, the veil of demonic manipulations becomes unveiled.

Only a man who has the identifying code for genuine products would escape being dupped and dehumanised, by the flowery promises and inducement of the devil.

When the devil lures one into his space for exploits, deceit and manipulations, he blindfolds, makes one to speak nothing even when one hears everything.

He comes with a camouflage, an appearance of reality, but in real sense a bunch of planned deception for the gullible, the weak, the insensitive, those who are driven and moved by the glamor of public cheers and adulation.

lent begins tomorrow, a walk to repentance, what would you buy ? from who? The road side sellers? Those who run around, without shops or from the shop owners, with accreditation, certified and approved by the Holy Spirit, authorised by God to sell without any hidden charges or consequences?

As we begin lent tomorrow! Signing our selves with the ashes of the palm of palm Sunday , being careful of what to buy, who to buy from, and how best to use what was bought cannot be overemphasised.

Buy truth, buy spiritual ruggedness, buy charity, love, forgiveness, reconciliation etc from God. He sells not only cheap but with a rock bottom guarantee.

We have bought a lot from the world. This is the time to check through our bag, decongest the vices and replace them with the virtue, only God can give.

Happy Lenten season in advance.

In your walk these forty days remember me!

Remember Nigeria!

Remember the Church of Christ!

We move and conquer in one love!!!


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