Who Are We?

Ndaba Sibanda

Ndaba Sibanda

The researchers say

their known species

are around ten thousand.


If animals have hair, fish

have scales , but I’m talking

about the only feathered animals.


Do you know the type of creatures

I’m referring to? They are believed

to have evolved from…dinosaurs.


Are you still wondering? Fine, please

relax, because I have a clues galore,

and let’s fly straight into the hints.


The males and females of these species

hook up for a single breeding season, rear

the young and after that they agree on this…


Partner, you’ve been amazing and loving,

but guess what, let’s part ways as we prepare


for our next partners in the next breeding season.


Deal! In our kingdom, both parents incubate the eggs,

in some species, only one parent nurtures the hatchlings,

and in others, the fledglings are on their own after hatching.


There you are, they have just told the story of their lives,

however, in case you are still uncertain and guessing …

let’s eavesdrop like gossips since the two chums are chatting.


Lovie, I coaxed and caressed you through my lovely, lively tunes,

toots, tweets ,bright dyes, and you had no choice but to yield as your heart

rate ran riot and clocked and screeched 600 beats per minute!


We don’t only have an incredibly high metabolic rate,

we also adapt to our habitats in style, our close relatives are

crocodiles which evolved from archosaur reptiles, who are we?

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Professor Jideofor Adibe


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