Who are the mechanics in 2023

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

Few days ago ,along Kado estate  Mabuchi express road, parked by the road side with an open bonnet,  with a red triangle at the back was a 2021 Prado Jeep.

What would make a 2021 model of a car breakdown at the middle of the road? Mechanical? Electrical? It beats me even when  it is a common knowledge that a car fresh  from the factory could develop fault.

Whatever  could be the challenge  of the car, what matters wasn’t its model and newness, the driver wasn’t  also of utmost importance as well as the owner at that moment. The interior and all the exquisite accessories mattered  less, even  the worth of the car faded at the face of all these, making one single person relevant and indispensable, the mechanic.

Until a mechanic comes,  diagnosed and fixed the fault, the driver and the entire value of the car  were put out of use.

Nigeria  is more  like that faulty 2021 Prado Jeep, with accessories that may be topnotch but immobile.

What would a driver  do with a  car with  engine fault? Nothing! Where would he drive to ? No where.

For decades we have had same scenario. Each  election year,  many come, jostling for the driver’s seat of a car that  is knocked.  However good such  drivers may be, with stunning driving experience,  such  drivers  would  be struggling to move  a faulty vehicle  whose engine is bad .

Nigeria  is endowed,  greatly too. God is merciful to this country with all the nice weather,  viable mineral resources, sadly  with  a fundamental engine challenge caused by the recklessness of its previous and partly present drivers.

Nigeria has been parked on the highway  of insecurity,  stuck at the middle of corruption,  looting, nepotism etc . No driver would drive her out of these messy spots and  escape the overwhelming complexity of her faulty engine,  only a mechanic with  a seasoned cognet experience  would.

Who are the mechanics  already in this race of salvaging  the knocked soul of this country come2023?

Tinubu #Anyim # Umahi# Okorocha # Saraki#Osinbanjo#Obi # etc

Are these drivers or mechanics?

Get a good mechanic , he does both the job of fixing and driving   for no  good mechanic is without  a good driving  skill.

A good mechanic has integrity,  very patriotic,  fairness in his dealings, accountable , honest  tolerance,  visionary, competent, prudent, courageous with an amazing  knowledge of the challenges  and the technical knowhow to coordinate and fix.

Let us fix Nigeria first! A driver is far off the job description of a Nigeria of 2023,  only a mechanic can.

2023 bewise

#2023 vote wisely




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