When society says “this is not how you should look”

408 views | Naomi Dzeims | November 23, 2020

Over time, the world keeps changing. Sometimes from bad to good, most times from good to bad. Truthfully, if you look at it, it’s the people that change, the perspective that evolves. Once, we were obsessed with the blackberry phones, now almost everyone wants an iPhone. It’s the reality of life.
One thing I have realized is that when changes occur, most people don’t seem to understand that it might take time for some people to adapt. We are reckless in our choice of words because of the constant “woke” energy that people seem to have(even though a great chunk doesn’t have it). In the reality of this “wokeness”, people claim to be blunt and real; so in this case, they feel it is ok to address any opinion they wish to. Most especially when it comes to how people should appear.
Society is quick to point somebody out and say “you are fat “ or “damn, you look like you are going to burst anytime from now”. To some, gaining weight is not necessarily a choice but a reality that some people find themselves in. People are quick to make callous jokes all in the name of sarcasm as regards people’s weight without bearing in mind the mental well being of the person involved.
We can’t read people’s minds so we don’t know if they have been struggling to lose weight or gain weight. It is rude to pass inappropriate comment on someone’s weight. To some people, it destabilizes them to the extent that they can barely look themselves in the mirror. To others, it breeds hate and anger. Most people find it hard to socialize because of the fear that someone might jokingly call them out on their weight.
Most people especially women are not gifted with flat bellies, they technically work their way to get them; I feel it is inappropriate to pass rude comments about someone’s stature. In a world where we preach self-love and self-confidence, mocking people because of their weight is the easiest way to reduce confidence. Even the most confident person gets triggered the moment he or she finds out that comments are made on their body.
There are tons of ways to encourage people to lose weight, repeatedly cracking jokes about it is not one of them. If you are one of those that always engage in stuff like this, I really do hope that you stop.
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