What are the signs of a dying relationship?

439 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 21, 2021

Some people are of the view that relationships die a natural death. Others are of the school of thought that relationships die as a result of people’s actions and inactions.

In a post by celebritiesbuzz on Facebook, members of the public were asked “what are the signs of a dying relationship?”

Below are some of the feedbacks:

Gilbert Arhinful – Baby grandpa’s ghost just came back from the cemetery I need to attend to him can I call you back

Nii Mickey – Less of everything that was making it vibrant. Like, communication, caring, touching and of course sex

Godwin Kntim – Coughing, vomiting, feeling dizzy and sneezing ….. immediately you witness this, trust me your relationship is dying !!!

Sumani Najeeb – When her friends start to receive her calls And Says” She is not around, I will let her know you called when she comes back.

Owusu Hughes – When he/she frequently make calls in the evening and that person is not you then ur time is up

Suleman Mohammed Awal – When she start to reply you with ” you can do whatever you like”

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you ‘your relationship bundle is finished’

Ledisma Morgan – Lack of attention, lack of communication, not accepting one’s fault, unapologetic attitude and negligence spirit, deceit and unnecessarily busy

iamond Kemykarl Jnr – Babe I was frying stone when you called that’s why I wasn’t able to pickup

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