The legal profession has many career opportunities out of which a lawyer can build himself on. The very surprising issue is that there are many lawyers out there that do not have vision and have not unleashed the potentials in themselves. Potentials are God-given as ‘gift’. Just like when some students used to say that they have the ambition of coming ‘lawyers’ whereas, they are in the science department, while some would be in the science department and have the ambition of becoming ‘accountants’! This is indeed is an imaginary dream! The same situation is what some lawyers find themselves in upon being called to the Bar! Anything that gives money is the way to some, though the economic impact is an excuse for this! I hope that they had asked about discovering their God-given talents and follow their vision! Those who lose focus on their vision are likely to be envious and or jealous of their colleagues in the legal profession who succeed than they do! That is why this paper is written to remind young lawyers of what they actually need to do to be successful as lawyers in the legal profession, God willing!

Of recent, my eyes caught a book cover with the title ‘The Principles and Powers of Vision’, written by Dr Myles Munroe. I know some of the readers of this paper would have read it. I also hereby recommend it for a guide. In the preface to this book, at page 11, it was stated thus ‘Vision is the source and hope of life. The greatest ever given to mankind is not the gift of sight, but the gift of vision. Sight is a function of the eyes; vision is a function of the heart. ‘Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare’. Nothing noble or noteworthy on earth was ever done without vision. No invention, development, or great feat was ever accomplished without the inspiring power of this mysterious source called vision’. It is then true as stated by the author at page 21 that ‘God has placed within each person a vision that is designed to give purpose and meaning to his life’! Furthermore, this author stated at page 28 of his book thus ‘Every human being was created to accomplish something specific that no one else can accomplish. It is crucial for you to understand this truth: you were designed to be known for something special. You are meant to do something that will make you unforgettable. You were born to do something that the world will not be able to ignore’. It is also said that your gift will make way for you to achieve your vision. Most instructive too, the author stated at page 31 of the book thus ‘ I have observed firsthand the truth of this statement, paraphrased from John Stuart Mill: One person with vision is greater than the passive force of ninety-nine people who are merely interested in doing or becoming something. Most people have an interest in their destinies, but they have no passion or drive to fulfill them. They don’t really believe the dreams God has put in their hearts. If they do believe them, they don’t do the things that will take them in the direction of fulfilling them. Yet that is what separates the people who make an impact in the world and those who just exist on the planet’. It is also true as stated by the author at page 31 of the book that ‘When you discover your vision, it will give you energy and passion’.Lastly, there is another quote from the author which is made at page 34 of the book thus ‘If you do things in a halfway manner, you will probably always be able to find some sort of job, yet you are going to be simply a mediocre employee. It is when you decide that you’re going to find something that is truly yours that you will find your gift, fulfill your vision, and be remembered by others’.These quotes are to serve as guiding principles of what I shall state in this paper.

Furthermore and therefore, every young lawyer should ask himself or herself some certain questions ‘what do I know about the legal profession?’. What are the available career opportunities in the legal profession?! What is my vision? What are my potentials or talents? What do my potentials or talents suit or fit among the careers in the legal profession? How do I achieve my chosen career in the legal profession in relation to my potentials/talents (among other questions)?.These questions in my humble view are like a compass used or set to find the vision of such lawyer in life and in the legal profession. There are indeed some potentials innate in every man just like a unique thumb print of a man is different from all other fellow men on earth- it is personal and unique to him alone! Sometimes, you find a young lawyer in the corporate practice; another time, he is in the property law practice; while in other he is in litigation! Some lawyers cannot even boldly tell what they intend to become even in the next ten (10) years of being a lawyer! There seems to be a great confusion than can be imagined with such lawyers!Even in ordinary writing of law books by a lawyer, he can become great, successful and unique with his potentials and vision! Therefore, every young lawyer must ask and answer the above listed questions. Where any of the questions cannot be answered, such a lawyer must find a sincere mentor to guide him true, there and then, he can find passion in his vision. These questions are means of discovering oneself. There are truly some lawyers if not many who have not discovered themselves! Every young lawyer must discover himself at the initial stage before it is too late, so far he lives on earth! The influential background of such lawyer does not matter- i.e. whether he is from a poor or rich background! He might be destined to prosper and succeed by God Almighty in his life! For instance, a lawyer that does not know his purpose in life would likely be the jack of all trades and master of none! Therefore, it is very important that a young lawyer be in search of his or her potentials/talents and to build his or her vision in the legal profession.

Finally, it is my belief that the message passed in this paper is clear and would guide every young lawyer in their aspirations in life.


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