Wema Bank At 78 Targets Tier-One Classification


Wema Bank Plc’s Managing Director and CEO, Moruf Oseni, stated Tuesday that the financial institution is on track to become a tier one with practical development.

Speaking at the bank’s 78th and Alat at Six anniversaries, Oseni stated that the first-quarter 2023 financial term gross earnings of N39.35 billion are a testament to what the bank is aiming to accomplish.

Oseni pointed out that this accomplishment is the bank’s best in 13 years and warned the investment and international communities to keep an eye out for bigger things to come.

According to him, the bank’s Q1 2023 results demonstrate the acceleration of its growth strategy, its ongoing commitment to providing investors with the best possible returns, as well as the value of a brilliant team committed to providing top-notch customer service.

He stated: “For a banking institution that has lasted 78 years, where many of its peers have disappeared, it behooves us to celebrate. This is our 8th decade as we push to the 9th. It is going to be a bigger celebration when we hit 80.”

“The biggest milestone so far is that we have brought the bank to the very height of banking in Nigeria. Six years ago we launched a grand breaking product called Alat and over the past six years, testimonies locally and internationally have shown that it’s a world-class product.”

“As far as we are concerned, it has brought us to the forefront of banking in Nigeria. If you look at our results over the last few years, you will see an uptrend in all our numbers. Wema is back and the investing and international communities should watch. Our best days are ahead of us.”

“There’s only one aim and it is to take this bank to where it was when some of us were kids. We intend to become a tier one bank in Nigeria in the not too distant future.”

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