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Uwais, Jibrin accuse Ganduje of destroying traditional institutions for political reasons

A group of concerned citizens has accused Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano State, of trying to destroy the traditional institutions in the state for political reasons.

Ganduje had created five emirates whittling down the powers of the Emir of Kano

In a statement signed by Professor Jibrin Ibrahim, Maryam Uwais Esq and some other notable Nigerians of Northern extraction, the group said the governor singlehandedly desecrated 1000 years of tradition and unraveled an established constitutional order thereby altering a millennium of Kano’s hegemony through the creation of five new emirates from the legitimately recognized existing one.

They also said the existence of these valued institutions is being jeopardised not just in Kano, but across the country.

“Many are particularly concerned, as a similar situation is playing out in Jos, Plateau State where the joint traditional council of Jos has been split in two by the Governor into Jos North and Riyom traditional councils. Clearly an effort to diminish the power of the Gbong Gwom Jos, the governor by this act reduced his title to Gbong Gwom Berom,” the group said.

“These acts indicate an ill-advised trend by political leaders to not just reduce the power of monarchs but to humiliate them and exacerbate ethnic divisions – paving the way for further power struggles and discord amongst communities, at a time when our unity as a people is at its most fragile.”

They further said the danger of politicising traditional roles is a collapse of development, peace and democracy.

“The Emir has been a source of unity and progressive leadership among the people in Northern Nigeria and by removing his powers without due process, consideration or unanimity – development, peace and democracy in the region will be directly affected,” the group said.

“The Kano State Emirs (Appointment and Deposition) Amendment Law, 2019 will have many repercussions as an undeniable attempt to delegitimize the very institution that provides a harmonious balance to power and authority as well a system of checks and balances in Kano.”

The group mentioned that the judiciary is crucial to upholding rights, adding that politicisation of the instruments of authority must not be accepted and the people must have recourse and the right to question their leaders when they exceed their mandate.

They advised that since our politicians have become more powerful and have used this power for parochialism, intolerance and tyranny, measures must be put in place in order to blend the power structures and insist on maintaining an enduring system of counterbalances.

The statement was also signed by Dr. Hussaini Abdu, Ismail Ahmed Esq, Sa’a Bako, Dr. Ayesha Imam, Zahra Nwabara, Aisha Mohammed-Oyebode, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, Fatima Wali-Abdurrahman, Eng. Y. Z. Ya’u.

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