Understanding the Obidient Movement

Peter Obi Nnewi

The APC have failed to appreciate the roots and motivations behind the Obidient Movement. They make the mistake of thinking that Peter Obi can actually stop this movement and they also make a mistake by seeing Peter Obi as the arrowhead, whom if you hit him, the followers will scatter or become demoralised.

Peter Obi does not have any hold on the Obidient Movement. He cannot tell us to stop and we stop.

Peter Obi is headlining a movement championed by ordinary Nigerians, who have been frustrated by perennial misgovernance and insensitivity of the elite over these years. Peter Obi’s track record; moral, academic, social, family, nationalistic and business credentials made these millions of Nigerians embrace him and ventilate their aspirations for a working nation through his candidature.

The Nigerian political class believes that ordinary Nigerians have been so terrorised and weakened to the extent that they cannot sustain a nationwide protest or civil disobedience for too long.

They believe that a little teargas spray, mass arrests or even a more tragic massacre than the Lekki experience will send all of us crouching in fear.

But, they apparently are deaf to history and blind to current affairs. A little flashback to Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and a few other countries where the people have recently taken their fate in their hands, will make them come back to reality.

It is also clear that they are desperately trying to make the Obidient Movement a religious thing, so that a particular section of the country will alienate themselves from the movement and fight alongside the oppressors when the chips are down. But, the truth is that everyone affected by bad governance is a member of the Obidient Movement and it won’t be too long before our oppressors understand that nothing has brought Nigerians of varied religious and ethnic backgrounds closer than the fight for a better and more equitable Nigeria.



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