Two coronavirus infected suspects recorded in Ghana

1205 views | Oye Arikanki | February 6, 2020

Ghana close ally of Nigeria become the first country in West Africa to record 2 carriers of the dread coronavirus (2019-nCov)infections.

The cases involve a Chinese and another person from Argentina who were referred to the Ghana Premier Teaching Hospital Korlebu from an undisclosed medical facility in Accra, Ghana.

Dr Winfred Baah, Secretary Ghana Medical Association, Korlebu Branch (GMA) confirmed to newsmen in Accra that further assessment and laboratory tests of the patients are been presently carried out to ascertain the presence of the infections. Dr Baah said he was informed late last night by junior doctors at the Hospital that the patients walked into the hospital on their own. He said they are now been isolated and samples of their blood and urine have been taken for further analysis.

A public Health Director at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital confirmed that the cases were reported to the hospital by the patients them and them don’t come through ambulance emergency.

“The patients walked in here. They said they went to another hospital and when the first health facility saw the symptoms of coronavirus they said to them ‘go to Korlebu’. They didn’t attend to them, The patients came here and got to the emergency room and everybody is panicking”

The Chinese are reported to have left China for Ghana in September 2019 and the Argentine visited Shanghai in January 2020 before coming to Ghana and live with the Chinese.

Coronavirus broke out in the city of Wuhan, China in December 2019 and has claimed over 500 lives with over 24,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

Presently, the infection has no vaccines and Chinese authorities and the World Health Organization are battling to curtained the spread of the infection.
Hundreds of Nigerians and Ghanaians travels back and forth from both countries every day through the land and air.
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