Twitter Removes ‘state-Affiliated’ Tag From Media Accounts

According to AFP, many prominent media organizations from Western countries, Russia, China, and other states that formerly had either of those tags no longer displayed them.

As of 0600 GMT, they comprised the accounts of National Public Radio in the United States, the official Xinhua news agency of China, RT in Russia, and CBC in Canada.

Twitter, which the erratic billionaire Elon Musk purchased last year, has long identified accounts associated with state media or elected officials, particularly in China and Russia.

According to the statement, the policy was centered on organizations that “are the official voice of the nation-state abroad.”

The terms, however, have recently been used to describe news organizations that receive public support but are not under any official supervision.

Following that, NPR and CBC ceased using Twitter.

Due to the “government-funded” title, Radio New Zealand also threatened to stop using Twitter this week, and Sveriges Radio in Sweden said that it will stop tweeting.

But as of Friday, all the tags were gone.

The modification was made shortly after Twitter on Thursday started to remove blue ticks, a sign of a verified account, in large numbers.

Musk modified the system so that anyone who pays $8 per month can receive the badge after watching his $44 billion investment in the platform shrivel.

As a result of Musk’s turbulent ownership of Twitter, the network has lost thousands of sponsors and thousands of employees.

Users have expressed concern over the prevalence of hate speech and false information as well as the rise of extremist accounts due to the lack of content management.


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