Turkey Exported $44 Million Worth of Flowers by April Ending

490 views | Akpan Akata | June 7, 2021

Board Chairman of Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association, Ismail Yilmaz, says the sector has worked very hard to make the best out of the coronavirus outbreak.

Turkey has advantages such as favourable climatic and geographical conditions in the cultivation of ornamental plants and cut flowers and proximity to market countries.

According to Yilmaz, exporters in Turkey reached more markets due to the declining production in the main flower production countries during the epidemic process and due to the difficulties these countries have experienced in transportation.

Turkish growers made a good start to the year with the effect of special days such as Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, Yilmaz noted that exports increased by 100% from 35 million stems to 70 million stems on Mother’s Day.

”We are currently at a record-breaking pace for exports in our industry. Last year, we exported $107 million worth of products, this year we reached 41% of it in 4.5 months.

”We have reached the highest figures that the industry has reached so far. We can say that we will realise an export volume higher than the previous year’s figure. Despite working day and night, the growers could not keep up with the demand.

”In Colombia, Ecuador, and Kenya, flowers cannot be produced and offered for sale as before and Turkey fills the gap in these areas.

”The most important destination for cut flower exports is the Netherlands, and additionally, a significant amount of sales have been made to countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine.

”The industry has exported to 83 countries last year, I guess that this year we will exceed this. There are additional countries coming in with demand”, he said.’


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