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Dafe never thought this day would come; the day he’ll sit, tied to his own chair with his duct tapes and tools, staring death in the face of his own gun. Nana fixed the silencer like a pro; shame took his eyes away from her gaze. Karma has finally caught up with him. And she came wearing red leather boots and a black dress, geeks glasses, and long dreadlocks; smoking a Cuban cigar with slightly parched lips. She’s spent the past one year actively searching for him and she found him. The wrath of a woman is real; because here they are in his container hideaway, deep in the mountainside of Accra.

She moves her head and the big guy to her left pulls the duct tape off his mouth, he yelps. “Any last words?” she asks. The manipulator in him thinks; “finally, hope”. Before he can say anything, tears well up in her eyes, one falls to her cheeks and he asks “Why the tears Nana?” Nana scoffs, “Why the tears? Dafe; you dey ask me say why the tears?” she pauses for a few seconds and continues. “I’ll tell you why. Cos na me fuck up. And I don’t shoot blanks. You had your chance.Tell mama Ngozi I’m sorry if you ever see her. Die modafucka!” Nana fires 3 shots; 1 to the head, 2 to the chest and calls it a day. She strides out, picking up her white fur coat from Willie outside the door. Like a robot, he turns around and follows her closely. They exit the warehouse and march to the chopper. He helps her up, jams the door right, taps the heli, and steps back to watch her ascend and fly off into the blue skies of Accra.

Of all places to hide, he chose Africa. Nana fights back a tear, “there’s gonna be no crying for this bastard”. She tells herself. Dafe broke her and almost destroyed Oreva in the process. No one deserves to die but he did. She arrives at the Lagos strip and her reliable bestie was there in the white range rover to pick her up. She gets in and Oreva hands her some gala; “You’ll feel better.” She says. Nana tries not to laugh, “I just killed someone and you’re offering me gala?” she asks. Oreva turns gently and responds, “You dey craze. Junior would still be alive if Dafe never posted that sex tape. He destroyed our lives and stopped your mothers heart. Na him draw the first blood, Nana. He killed first so he had it coming.We dey go beach; go, ask God for forgiveness and tell Junior he can rest in peace now.” How Oreva can keep a straight face and say these words is overwhelming. They get onto the express and a taxi driver is not sure how his steering is doing him. He almost hits them, soOreva brings down her car window “Heys; Oga! If you scratch me?! Shebi you dey see say na white? Try me.” Oreva warns the adventurous taxi driver and he fires back “Shut up! Ashewo!” Oreva laughs “scratch me first. You go see ashewo madness. Try me!” Nana smiles widely and watches her friend in action with another crazy fellow. She says a silent prayer thanking God for a friend she has found trust in. In a world like ours, it’s always great to have someone you can trust. Every Pablo needs a Gustavo and Nana got hers in Oreva. Trust is important to life.

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