To Slap or Not To Slap?

Jennifer Eziuloh

Jennifer Eziuloh

The month of March has been quite an interesting one, I mean every single event that occurred in this month slapped really hard. Tell me about the rush of emotions and the impulsive actions from individuals. Earlier in this month of March, a rather legendary incident which will forever remain in the minds of many Nigerians happened. While the Russia-Ukraine war and the hike in fuel price in Nigeria kept many in a melancholic state, the people of Anambra experienced a firsthand display of ‘’if you do anyhow you go collect’’.

It was the inaugural ceremony of Anambra state’s new Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo when dignitaries including the Ex-Governor Willie Obiano were already settled down and his wife Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano walked in, moved to the front row where Mrs. Bianca Odumegwu Ojukwu was seated and spoke brash words to her which resulted in Mrs. Bianca giving her a resounding slap. It remains unclear what Mrs. Ebele said to her but wow! How do you voluntarily go to receive a slap? I bet if she foresaw the end, she would have had a rethink because no-one likes public embarrassment. I guess it is true that violence is never the answer but, in this situation, it answered the question.

The embarrassing video which went viral on social media became the trending topic for many days. A lot of reactions from Nigerians were seen both in the comment sections, social media statuses and even in recreated comedy skits. Some called it ‘’a well-deserved slap’’ while others called it the ‘’resetting slap.’’ It was only a matter of days before an imitation of this incident reoccurred. However, this time it was at the international level.

It was the most shocking moment in history during the Oscars award show on Sunday, March 27, when American actor, Will Smith walked up to Chris Rock, Popular American Comedian and slapped him for making a silly joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett. Another wow! The former incident was analyzed that the victim walked voluntarily to receive a slap, while in this case, the giver walked up to the stage and gave the slap. See the difference?

Phew! Must have been hard for Will smith after he realized he had just committed a huge blunder which has dragged his name to the mud. The incident which caught the attention of the whole world has got many condemning his action even after a written and oral apology.

The reactions of both Bianca Ojukwu and Will Smith are quite the same but the outcome however differs. Both had valid reasons why they reacted the way they did but it doesn’t make any of them right. The truth in these two incidents shows the impulsive nature of man when triggered. How do you react when triggered?

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