To All Nigerian Guys, Here Is How To Give Assurance To Your Girlfriends.

Yesterday evening, while I was hanging out with one of my friends in an eatery, there was this couple that caught my attention. The fact that the girl was crying silently piqued my curiosity so much that I had to strain my ears to hear what she was saying. I didn’t hear much but my ears captured just one thing; it was a question that got my chuckling. She was asking her boyfriend, “Babe, can’t you just give me an assurance?”

I almost burst into an uncontrollable laughter when I saw the look on the guy’s face. He looked very confused and had no idea what to say.

From the scenario I witnessed yesterday, it made me realize that everyone especially women want to be sure that they are the only one; the main chick. Everyone yearns for love; we all want to feel special not just at the beginning but for the entire duration of the relationship – a duration which is often hoped would be endless. But unlike guys who are good at hiding their desires, ladies are always quick to know where they stand in their relationship. They need that assurance from their man.

So, the question now is how can a guy give assurance to his girlfriend or the woman in his life? The truth is that, unlike Davido, you don’t have to have ₦30 billion in the account to be able to give your woman an assurance. Doing these listed below can be enough;

  1. Let her know that she is the only one

One of the ways you can give assurance to your girlfriend is by letting her know that she is the one and only in your life. Hold her face with your hands, look into her eye and tell her that she is the one that occupies the driver’s seat in your heart. And don’t just say it for saying sake; make sure you mean it every time you say it.

  1. Let her know how beautiful she is.

Always tell her how beautiful she is. It has a way of boosting her confidence. Remind her how her beauty drew you in and it wasn’t until you got her that you felt alive again. Assure her that she is still beautiful and you haven’t forgotten the beauty you have been blessed with.

Problem is that, most guys usually forget to do this. They stop flirting with their girlfriend months after they have started dating. Always remind yourself of how lucky you are to have her and let her know this.

  1. Get gifts for her.

Okay, I know that I said you don’t need #30 Billion in your account before you can give your girlfriend an assurance but then, getting her gifts within your means can go a long way to impress your girl and assure her that you always have her in mind.

Surprise her with gifts and don’t forget to keep assuring her of your love and loyalty.

  1. Let her know that she is in your future

Another way to assure your girlfriend is by letting her know that the future is secure and she is not wasting her time with you. Let her know how you picture her in your future because truth is that even though everyone wants to live in the moment, we all need that assurance that our partners at least see us in their future and it’s not just about here and now.

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