Tips on how to be the perfect baker

It is said that cooking is an art but baking is science. As much as this statement holds true, there is a great deal of talent behind those fancy, mouth-watering and delectable bakery goodies. And it’s not just the talent, however, hard work as you need to have the exact measurement of an ingredient to bake right. That being said, it’s not just the measurement, but a lot many things if you want to don the baker’s hat! If you want to be that perfect baker, here are simple tips that will help you out.

Temperature matters

The temperature of the ingredients you are using matter a lot. For example, if you use cold water when a recipe calls for warm water, you cannot make the cake right.

Quality of ingredients

To be an ideal baker, you need to realise this fact that the ingredients you are going to use for bakery purpose, are of good quality! Stick to the basics, but trust only the quality product.


Though it is the first rule of baking that you should use the right measurements, but it’s not that hard to know! Use metric weighs that you can easily find in the nearby markets.

Use of baking soda

Baking soda is an important part of making cake and other baked items, however, you must put your focus on how old it is! Do not use it if its more than 6 months old, as it loses its power.

Sugar indulgence

Have you ever realised, why pastry chefs and bakers give specific quantity of sugar? Well, it’s because too much of sugar can impact the texture and colour of your cake.

Importance of butter

It’s very important that you chose fresh butter over the one that has been there in your kitchen for quite some time. The reason: Butter can lose out on moisture and if the dish you are baking is going to be dry, you should be extra cautious.

Separating eggs yolk from white

Now, this seems to be a task for many! All you need to do is, crack a cool egg from the corner and take out the yolk using your fingers. Another way to separate them is to crack the egg right in the middle of your palm and let the egg white run through your fingers. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to separate egg white from egg yolk. (P.S. – You can also use egg separators coming in the market.)

Mix in right order

You might have seen cake making videos where all the dry ingredients are sifted first. This follows the mixing of wet ingredients and afterwards, both parts are mixed together in batches. This happens to make the cake batter smooth.

Beating the cake batter

In order to bake a perfect cake, there is a specific method and if you want to be a perfect baker, you must pay heed to the instructions. As over-beating or under-beating can impact the texture and volume of a cake.


As it is important to use only the quality ingredients, it is also necessary that you pay attention to the right bakeware. This is done for the better consistency and texture of what you are making, be it a cake or a cookie!

Greasing the pan

Use a good amount of butter for greasing the pan as you do not want your cake to break from in between, when you turn it upside down. Never compromise on it!

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