Throwback Thursday: Sex Myths Every Girl Grew Up with

Growing up, we had so many ideas of what sex was all about. In fact, before I started having sex, I always had this notion that “Sex was going to be one magical event that will make my body vibrate”. The night I finally allowed a penis inside my vagina, it was just – there. I didn’t feel all the butterflies I thought I would feel; the pleasure wasn’t there. in fact, after that night, I came to the conclusion that “sex was overhyped”.

Seriously, when it comes to sex, I think there are plenty false notions about what constitutes a “healthy” sex life that are not even remotely true and can create unrealistic expectations. Below are some of them;

  1. The hymen breaks the first time you have sex; it’s going to be painful and you will bleed

The whole “popping my cherry” thingy was one of the reasons I never had sex until my early twenties. The idea that I will bleed and it was going to be painful terrified me a lot. But guess what? When I finally did it, there was no blood and the pain wasn’t as much as I thought it would. Truth is some ladies do have an intact hymen when they first have sex; hpwever, some can damage theirs just by rigorous exercise. The hymen is just a tissue in the vagina, it is not some wall that needs to be broken the first time you have intercourse.

  1. Too much sex will ruin your vagina;

I don’t even know where this one came from. Most of us ladies grew up with the notion that if we have sex frequently, it will ruin our vagina not knowing that the vagina is incredibly elastic; we forget that a baby is meant to go through it. No matter how often we have sex, our vaginas will always go back to its normal size. Though having a baby can change it slightly but not sex.

  1. Sex always lead to orgasm for ladies

I can categorically say that this is a big lie. All these while I have been having sex, I have never reached an orgasm. Like, I don’t even know what it feels like. And I am sure there are other ladies in my shoes that have never experienced this thing called orgasm. In fact, according to research intercourse alone typically does not lead to orgasm. Only 30% of women reach orgasm from sex.

  1. You need a big penis to enjoy sex;

Most of we ladies actually grew up with this notion that when a man’s penis is big, he would satisfy us better. We go on social media and see a lot of posts hyping how important it is for a man to have a big penis. But the truth is, you don’t need a big penis to enjoy sex. The average size penis is about five inches, and the average vagina is about three to four inches. Do the math, people. There are so many ways to make sex fun without the pressure of size.

So, these are some of the sex myths I grew up with. What are yours?


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