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Thought Synchronization

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What is thought synchronization? It is a construct of two variables which are inherent in our daily lives as humans. We do this daily and most times without even being conscious of it.

What we should know is that our minds work for the better part of our awake time. While at work and in conjunction with the brain, they produce thoughts as by-products.

And these thoughts can either stay in the mind or find a medium of expression, while being expressed, they follow a pattern that synchronizes with it. Now as humans, we can express these thoughts in actions or words.

As a writer, your medium of expression is not your actions but your words. You can express your thoughts either by talking or by writing. Your thoughts now leave your mind and as it leaves, it is either captured in a speech or a written format.

This aspect of thought synchronization is broadly divided into two:


Some persons are the Think and Talk sync type.  That is why you see them do well in presentations, talks, public speaking, and all of what would require you to actually talk. While others are the Think and Write sync type. Their medium of expression is through writing and it works for them.

Now I’ve seen the two kinds of people intermingle in the sense that they want to have a share of both worlds.

Some persons who are in the THINK AND WRITE group will rather write and gather their thoughts on paper first before talking.

The THINK AND TALK group will talk first before transcribing if they want that speech in a written form. That’s not bad at all.

Some persons do not do this kind of cross-carpeting unless it is necessary, they simply stick to their division. That’s not bad at all either.

The important thing is that you achieve your aim to give value to people and besides you can always have a blend of both sync types.

Just know which works better for you and work with it, it is as simple as that.


Maryann Ijeoma Nwokoye

Contact: 08099079028

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