It didn’t just start today. It has been there ever. Nothing seems to change. The more it appears to change the more it remains the same?

Forty days fasting, prayer and armsgiving done and dusted. The abstinence on certain iniquitous lifestyle of ours dropped for forty days, ready to get our attention again more than ever before . The more it changes the more it looks the same?

Today is Easter Sunday! Nothing knew? Nothing different? Just circle of tradition and doctrines concluded, moving to another season of the year? Is that your thinking and belief?

Any story, different? Storylines that could depict nothing but transformation of heart? Regeneration of spirit and reconstruction of the spirit mind, radiating nothing but love, joy, charity, forbearance etc as a lifestyle not some sort of chramed virtues , displayed periodically in amazing robotic manner?

Today is Easter! Finally the big Alleluia song was sung for he has risen, escaped the entrapment of the tomb and conquered sin and death. Conquered was finite , not present continuous. It was done and dusted, sealing the power of sin on anybody that shares same power of resurrection which St Paul craved to know more.

This is Easter! He is risen in glory but the mischief makers got their scripts together, spreading different narration of him being carried away by his disciples. “Tell them, his disciples came at night and stole him away while we slept “( Matt.28.13)

Does this script sound very familiar? Deception! Rewriting of facts and figures! Bribing to tell a different tale outside what happened! As wickedly orchestrated that plan was, the resurrection of Jesus was not marred. Till today it still trend with impact, energy ; restoration and reinvigoration.

Nigerian youths, this is Easter! We have gone through the Holy Thursday of betrayal. We have equally gone through the horroring experience of good Friday. The Insults, the crowning of thorns of fake news, voice imitation, lies and rejection of godliness and the embracement of rogues, thieves, illicit barons , dupes and frauders, the Barabas of our time.

For three days we waited with our hearts practically in our mouths, expecting either a resurrection or an annihilation of a better future hoped for.

Today is Easter! Finally it has come amidst trepidation and unsureness.

Today is not only our spiritual Easter, our political Easter is here too. Not even the gang up of the spoilt elders, the bribe of the armies and security units to change and rewrite figures ” *When they had assembled with the elders and consultated together, they gave a large sum of money to the soliders saying to them* ” ( Matt.28.12) would change the narrative that a better Nigeria is risen.

Our mandate is risen! Good governance is risen! Integrity is risen! Lies, corruption and fraud buried in the grave, for a better Nigeria can never be held down again. He is risen! Nigeria is risen!! New Nigerians are risen! Alleluia!!

Go celebrate! Drink and pop champagne. Eat! For the power of resurrection isn’t limited. It spreads, dismantling every evil plans , tricks, manipulations etc that sets out to hold us down in slavery. The curtain of ills and woes is torned into shreds, light for a better future in an iridescent manner shining forth.


Jarlath Uche Opara

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