“There is no such thing as virginity,” Mum tells five daughters

Cayce LaCorte, a mum to five daughters has starred up controversies on social media following a video she posted to TikTok explaining how she teaches her five children that virginity doesn’t actually exist.

The Mirror reports that the woman, under the username @book_mama, was responding to a question posted by fellow TikTok user Nevada Shareef (@nevadashareef), who asked fellow parents to name something about the way they have raised their kids that others would find strange.

In the video, LaCorte who is from South Carolina, said: “I’m raising my five daughters to believe that there is no such thing as virginity.

“It is a patriarchal concept used to control women and serves no purpose other than making women feel bad about ourselves.

“Just because some guy randomly sticks his penis in you at some point in your life, it does not change your worth, it’s not changing who you are. It doesn’t do anything other than it happened.

“Sex is important, it’s a big deal, it should always be a big deal. It has nothing to do with your first time and it’s just ridiculous and I get a lot of c**p from other mums saying ‘Oh well don’t you think that will make your daughters promiscuous?’

“I was like, no. I’m raising them to be good people and have solid foundations and like make your own choices and make smart, intelligent choices, not because some book says not to.”

Do you agree with her that there’s nothing like virginity? Let’s hear from you in the comment session.

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