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The Wonder of Love 

Mark, Set Goals in  2020

In Japan, most houses in rural areas are built with wood. At one time, a construction worker was called to repair a wooden house that has fallen apart. Opening the first layer of wood, he found out that a lizard has been trapped with a nail fasten its feet to a wood. The construction worker was touched and he became curious. He examined the nail and found out it has fastened the feet of the lizard to the wood since the house was built. How can this be? How has this lizard survived for about ten years since the house was built? This should be difficult and humanly impossible. This construction worker stopped working and was observing this trapped lizard. Suddenly he saw another lizard most likely the wife emerged through a hole with a nut in his mouth. So his wife has been bringing food to this trapped lizard for almost ten years. What an amazing show of love by lizards. Then the construction worker broke the wood and set this trapped lizard free. How many of us humans can do that to an incapacitated spouse? How long can you truly endure in love?

My friends, I’ll tell you the truth, love is the greatest power on earth. Love is the highway to restoration, peace and abundance. If you are finding it difficult to do something, just throw love at it and that thing will become very easy to do. Love conquers all things. Love is the most potent weapon to win any battle in life. You can win by love. 

Love is of the heart. Only with your heart you can give and receive true love. For love will melt any hardened heart. Marry only when you are in love, not infatuations. 

If you love someone you will never judge that person. Criticism, anger, hurt, takes away your energy to love. Music is a glow of love. Love is the language of heaven. Love is the best and sweetest way to live. If you don’t love, you are not living at all, you are just existing. Sharing your love with others makes you beautiful. 

Therefore you must wake up every morning with your heart filled with the love for God, for others and for yourself. In fact, you have to learn to love all the creation of God. Love the beauty of the silver singing stream, love the beauty in the sunrise and sunset in the sky.

One time, I was walking with my wife and I heard the sound of classical music, Beethoven in B minor and suddenly I wait to savour the beauty of that piece of music. My wife was a little bit surprised that I have to wait for five minutes on the street just to enjoy some music. You see, I love classical music and I wake up to wash my soul with great classical music every day. You have to love the birds singing, wake up and watch the majestic beauty of the sun rising and wait while it set. Watch the stars in the night and find time to smell some nice flowers. Do you have some flowers around your house?

Always find a reason to lavish praises on people and never find any reason to blame, attack or condemn anyone.

Never speak evil of any man. Look for good things to eulogize in your opponent and never say anything bad about them. If you look very carefully you will find something wonderful to appreciate in others. 

When you meet someone for the first time, show genuine and sincere love to that person. When you do that will remove any suspicion or dislike that person may have for you. Show respect and honour to rich people because whatever you don’t respect you cannot attract. Shower love and always give to poor people because there are so many of them around. The poor are everywhere all over the world. Please don’t ever look down upon poor people, always find a way to help them. 

When you see someone put on a nice cloth, please offer a sincere compliment. If you see a man or woman who takes good care of his or herself and looks nice, tell that person how you admire him or her.

Nigerians, let all of us reach out with love towards one another. We should never be allowed the politicians to divide us. If someone did something that truly hurt you, respond with love and you must never retaliate. When someone gets mad at you respond with love and a smile. That does not mean that you are weak, it shows that you are a very strong and courageous person.

When you go out every day, I want you to learn to greet even person you are meeting for the first time “It’s good to see you, I love you”. You may or you may not even say it loud just say it in your heart and see how great you would feel when you return home in the evening.

As you shower love on others and all the creation of God, you should not also forget to sincerely, genuinely, truthfully, wholeheartedly love yourself. Let’s face it, if you truly love yourself you will never look twice at pornographic pictures on your phone or computer. Why? Because those useless pictures will register in your brain and pollute your mind. If you truly love yourself, you will never read junk newspapers and magazine but you will read good newspapers for education, information and entertainment. When you truly love yourself, you will feed your mind on rich and nourishing information that will make you operate from the purest thought. When you truly loved yourself you won’t eat junk food, but you will eat vegetables, fruits and whole-grain often and you will rest properly after a hard day work to recoup your strength. When you sincerely love yourself, you will disciple yourself to go out for thirty minutes of exercise at least three times a week. When you love yourself you live an orderly life and keep your surroundings clean. 

If you truly love people you will share every valuable information you have with them that would help them increase the quality of their lives like I’m doing now. When you share your heart with others, you would grow and become enriched mentally, emotionally and financially. 

Use all your time to love and you should not have any time to hate. If love is the only gift you have it is just enough, but if you have all other qualities and you don’t have love, you have got nothing and you always be met with failure everywhere you go. 

I challenge you to throw caution into the winds and begin to shower love on any person you come in contact with from today. Smile, speak kind words to people, have a listening ear.

It is very important for you to know those true riches is a product of love. Let your goal be how to love God, other creation of God and love yourself. Then you would have peace of mind to enjoy all the enormous wealth that God is going to give to you in 2020. I believe that having money is good when it comes with peace of mind.

In seeking to acquire money please I would advise that you be motivated by love to do the work of God and to help the less privileged in the society. If you love so much, there is no Jupiter that can stop your march toward greatness. The angels are still in the whirlwinds.

I must thank you for allowing me to share my candid thoughts with you. You are not born to suffer. There is a seed of greatness within you. Only you can make your life a masterpiece. You have an option, either you sit down and bemoan your fate and be crying that Nigeria has not been fair to you or design a workable plan and go live your life intentionally. The choice is yours. Thank you and God bless you. God bless Nigeria. Do have a lovely 2020.

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