The Untold Stories Of National Board For Arabic & Islamic Studies Kaduna 


The untold stories of the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies Kaduna, Kaduna State is anchored on probity, transparency and excellent managerial acumen displayed by the Board led by Professor Muhammad Shafiu Abdullahi. The reality on ground seems unbelievable and even unachievable to the doubting Thomases and naysayers. Islam as a way of life is primed on knowledge, science and education. To meet the demands of ensuring that the gains of the Board are achieved the choice of an Islamic scholar in the person of Prof. Abdullahi whose track records in Islamic education and mentoring was most well -conceived. From the inception till date when the NBAIS was a unit at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria 1967, but in actuality, it all started in 1952; it has been tales of struggles and efforts aimed at positioning Arabic and Islamic studies to an enviable height beneficial to the society. Drivers of the project like Prof Abdullahi have left no stone unturned in ensuring that Arabic and Islamic Studies gets a substantive Board that will midwife regulations and guide behaviours. To achieve this, engaging in advocacy, creating healthy rapports with the stakeholders such as the ministry of education/government, revered traditional institutions, Muslim Ummahs, Islamic clerics and the Northerners leaders and the entire Nigerians in chatting the best way forward were the grand norms. NBAIS’ targeted goals was geared towards a unifying regulated certificate for purposes of national acceptability and stability.

All these efforts were aimed at attaining national and international ratings and recognitions aimed at placing the Board at par with other global Arabic and Islamic Boards standard. It is a golden key to also opening the doors for more collaboration on research, training, transfer of and sharing of knowledge with other global Islamic bodies. It gives the Board the opportunity to unlock its potentials and showcase itself as a force and raw material to reckon with in the global Islamic community.

The current Registrar, Prof. M. S Abdullahi, a reputable educationist who worked tireless in his approaches and doggedness ensured that NAIBS got the required approval as a substantive Board. His doggedness and purposeful leadership of the management and sacrifices has catapulted the Board to where it is today. There is no gain-saying that, Registrar and management deserves to be commended for a job well done.

From the uncommon zeal and efforts of the pioneers and others to the present Registrar of NBAIS, Prof. Shafiu Abdullahi, the Board has evidently shown sincerity of purpose in driving the mandates of NAIBS through ensuring adequate staff welfare, manpower development, prudent management of scarce resources, advocacy campaigns, delivery on projects and diligent planning. These monumental achievements at NBAIS did not come to many as a surprise. It is evidently clear that Prof. Abdullahi as one of the pioneer drivers for the establishment of the NBAIS has thrown all his weight, energy and wealth of experience to the overall development of the Board. He is a leader and team player, who have placed NBAISon the global Islamic map of recognition, pedigree and integrity.

The management of NBAIS under the leadership of Prof. M. S Abdullahi has recorded many outstanding feats and success stories such national Certification, regulated examination Board and others too numerous to mention here. He has also set a novel stage for prudent management of scarce resources. Observed financial loopholes are being closed. Zero tolerance for corruption is the hallmark of the Board. This has put him on collision course with those who are resistant to change. No wonder some are resentful of the board and its management led by the Registrar on account of his standing and firmness on the part of probity and accountability. Considering the level of national and international recognitions the Board has attained.

The standard and stability in NBAIS are attributed to his penchant for excellence. It could be validly said that the success of NBAIS is not complete without the immense contributions and personal sacrifices made by Prof. Abdullahi. He combines exceptional intellect and vision with hard work and perseverance to achieve set goals. The Professor has built reputation around NBAIS and also shown purposeful leadership qualities since his assumption of office. He believes in capacity to perform, mentoring and equipping people from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of tribal and religious leanings.

Indeed, life being a journey, success has brought the erudite Professor great admirations. It is well said that when you hope for the best, the best comes and to them who await failure, failure comes to their hope but as for Prof Muhammad Shafiu Abdullahi, he hoped for success, worked for it without sitting back and it came. The Registrar’s quest to make NBAIS economically viable is one big plus to the life of the Board. The future and the economic stability of NBAIS is a decision and that decision is one that should be sustained.

As an educationist, erudite professional, technocrat, Abdullahi will continue to initiate policies and programmes aimed at the positive transformation of NBAIS. The Registrar and his team deserves commendation from well-meaning Nigerians especially stakeholders especially in the education sector who meant well for the Arabic and Islamic education. Finally, looking at the enviable height NBAIS has attained within the years of Professor Muhammad Shafiu Abdullahi’s stewardship, one is at liberty to conclude that the sky is the limit for the board.

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