“The Unity of Faiths: A Call for Love Above All”

In the heart of every faithful one,

The love of God burns like the sun,

For Islam and Christianity,

Serve the same God with humility.


We may call Him by different names,

But in truth, He is one and the same,

And those who seek to incite hate,

Do so for selfish gain, and it’s not too late,

To choose love over division,

And to end this misguided decision.


Let us remember that before our beliefs,

We are all humans, in need of relief,

From the trials and tribulations of life,

And it’s love that can ease our strife.


Respect for all religions is the key,

To peaceful coexistence, let it be,

And may we never let our differences,

Cause us to lose sight of our common existence.


For we are all created equal in God’s sight,

And our duty is to live with love and light,

And to pass it on to future generations,

So they may see the beauty in our relations.


Let love be the message we preach,

And let our actions reflect what we teach,

For in the end, it’s love that will prevail,

And our differences will pale,

In comparison to the unity we can attain,

When we see each other with love and refrain,

From letting religion sever the ties,

That bind us as one, under the same skies.

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