The Undying New Testament Conflict

Akanimo Sampson

Akanimo Sampson

There is a doctrinal debacle in the New Testament pertaining to birth of Jesus.  His paternity is a doctrinal difficulty. This then implies that it is not possible to resolve the conflict in the gospels. This doctrinal difficulty is studied for several years at seminaries, colleges and universities.

Under the Mosaic Law, Mary, his mother, would have been stoned for premarital sex with Joseph, because the Law regards married and betrothed as equal, (Deut.22:22-25). Scholars actually discovered this when they read the entire Law, and none, could find a honest way to resolve the conflict of whether Jesus was the product of a virgin birth or a normal mortal birth. Anyone telling you Mary and Joseph had premarital sex does not know the Law, and even worse, is a liar:

The simple believeth every word, but the prudent man looketh well into his goings, (Prov.14:15).
The simple inherit folly, but the prudent are crowned with knowledge, (Prov.14:18).

But, why is the paternity of Jesus important?

It seems, wicked people are deceiving some with falsehood. Persons known and unknown have placed verses into the New Testament that effectively puts words into the mouth of Yahweh that He did not speak. Again, it seems, some are observing the lore of wicked men and not the Laws of Yahweh. That will concern all righteous people.

Arguably, if Jesus is a virgin birth, as he himself even claimed to be, he could not be a descendant of King David, (Matt.22:41-45). As such, will it be proper to say he is a false prophet with perhaps, a false doctrine? This question arose given the fact that the Hebrew prophets allegedly prophesied a descendant of King David, (Jesse) through the patrial line.

If he was not a virgin birth, what then can we say of him? Going by what was earlier predicted, his kingdom once he arrived, was prophesied to last forever, (Isa.9:6-7) which did not happen!

Next, who is then worthy of the promise since the prophecy has not been fulfilled/ What is the true position?

It might be interesting to note that the messiah concept originated because the Hebrew Israelites believed they had gotten on the last nerve of Elohim and were unworthy to stand before His angels anymore, (Gen.18:1. Ex.3:3-4, ibid.23:20-21. Jud.13:3, etc); So, they asked Him to give them a descendant of David whom they promised to obey. Even so, Elohim does not change, (Isa.52:12. Dan.12:1).

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