The Time Has Come For An Idealistic Revolution In Nigeria.

idealistic revolution

Prof. John Egbeazien oshodi

Nigeria is ready for an idealistic revolution; the time has come to begin.

During the 2023 election season, Nigerians in a supposedly democratic environment were clearly subjected to political and economic slavery more than ever before. Physical force is always used by the state and federal governments to quell the vast majority of Nigerians’ demands for liberty, freedom, and equality, including youths and young adults as well as the average Nigerian.

Nigeria is only a democracy in name, as evidenced by the fact that during this election period, many Nigerians were deprived of their political liberties, forced to act on a ruler’s instructions in deciding who to vote for, lacked control over their property in deciding how to use their voting rights, and those who tried to resist were met with absolute tyranny of the state and federal powers via the police, military, security officials, sponsored thugs, and unknown killers.

Rising citizen discontent with security, economic, and political issues, particularly rising violence, and poverty, have fueled anti-government protests in Nigeria at various times.

Rising citizen rage, particularly over political, economic, and educational issues, has fueled anti-government protests to a new high in recent years, but we also know about the government’s brutal and lethal responses on the bodies of protesters.

So, what should we do now to continue the revolution? I refer to it as the Idealistic Driven Revolution (IDR for Nigeria), a strategy that will completely avoid the intentional use of state power (such as tear gas, water cannons, and live rounds) against people and property during revolutionary movements. Instead of risky massive street protests against all forms of injustice within Nigeria, the idealistic-driven revolution necessitates global and national participation propelled by technology.

The power of an idealistic-driven revolution is transforming almost every aspect of our lives. Every minute, both within and outside of Nigeria, should now involve aggressively sending all forms of any audio/video talk, image, photographs, items, and materials that demonstrate signs of injustice in order to revolutionize various dissents.

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