The Power of Your Frustrations

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Mark, Set Goals in  2020

Why do some people achieve incredible results and become somebody in spite of the pains and the difficulties they faced in life? I believe one vital reason is that they respond positively to their pains and difficulties. One of the most difficult challenges people have in life is to properly place every setback and challenges in the right perspective, learn the necessary lessons and still go-ahead to do incredible things in life. Honestly, I believe there are no failures in life there are only lessons. Yes, you heard me right! My whole life changed one day when I decided that I don’t have to survive, and I start to respond positively to my pains.  Why is it that some people are not attempting great things? Why is it that some people are not setting up their own businesses? It is because they don’t want to make a mistake or fail. They can’t handle failure. But then, how can you succeed in life except you have failed? Think about that. Please understand that mistakes and failures are a vital part of life. In fact, failures are the juices of life.

Come to think of it, when you are starting a business, you will definitely encounter some challenges. In fact, you may start and the business can collapse. Sometimes, you can start a business and it fails about three or four times yet if you persevere and you don’t give up you will eventually find your feet. The truth is that most businesses fail before it starts to pick up. So don’t despair when you fail because failure will help you learn. Failure is part of the process of success. Without failure, there can be no success. Failure should drive you to try one more time. At least when you fail, you have learnt one way not to do it again. When you make a mistake learn the lesson and go for it again!

Do you know people who don’t fail? They are unsuccessful people. People who do nothing.

So, when you start a business and you encounter difficulties and frustration don’t quit. That is the time you have to be more determined never to quit until you succeed. That is the time to commit. Hear what Goethe said, Until you commit, there is a hesitancy, a chance to drawback. But the moment you definitely commit yourself, then God moves in and whole streams of events erupt. All manner of accidents, meetings, persons and material assistance which you could never have dreamed would come your way, begin to flow toward you“ the moment you make a commitment

In this life, decide what you want, put on your toga of courage and with determination and tenacity pursue your goal with unswerving determination.

You see, many people are poor in Nigeria today not because they don’t have opportunity to do something that can earn them some good money, but because they let fear get the better part of them, thus preventing them from taking action that will move them toward success in life. If you want to succeed in life, you should not let fear be stronger than your intention to take action on what you want to do.

Please note that you should not deliberately set yourself up to fail, but in case you failed in attempting to do something good, you should learn how to respond to failure.

Until you have tasted that bitter pill of failure succeeding in anything is not in view. Never, never give up even if you failed a thousand times.

If you are not doing well in your business, education or marriage today, it isn’t that you have failed it is only that something is not just working out for now.

As a human being it is all right for you to make a mistake, but don’t let mistakes be a way of life.

Personally, I believe one of the greatest tragedies that befall so many people in the world is their inability to learn from mistakes. So when people fail to learn from mistakes and failures they go through pains and then they are forced to learn their lessons the hard way.

Again remember, it takes lots and lots of pains to create incredible success in life.

Did you say you failed your examination? I would never agree with you that you have failed because for me you have not failed until you breathe your last. As long as you can still breath, there is hope for you to succeed. With drive and tenacity, you will succeed

It does not matter how many times you fail, that doesn’t make you a failure.

Ok, let’s say you failed temporarily, let me now give you three keys that will help you to bounce back from that temporary failure to achieve great things in life.

First, have a good perspective on yourself. Take responsibility for your action but don’t take failure personally. I plead with you don’t take any mistake personally. You can’t write yourself off completely because you make two or three or even ten mistakes. Who doesn’t make a mistake? The question you have to ask yourself is this, I’m a failure or I failed at doing something? Don’t take failure personally. It is a school examination that you failed. It is your business that failed and not you. Please learn how to separate these two things. You can fail at doing something, but you must never regard yourself as a failure. Of course, your friends and family may be making jest of you that you are an unmitigated failure, but you should not let what anybody says make you think that you are a failure. It is up to you to continue to believe in yourself that you are not a failure. I believe in you, you are not a failure.

The fact that you have made a mistake does not reduce your value as a person.

Keep trying and believing in yourself and the potential that God has given to you. Never accept failure as your birthright. When you failed at doing something, review the activities that led that failure and ask relevant questions. Step back, learn the lessons and bounce back.

One day you will make it and the same people who are teasing you will turn around to say that you are lucky!

Second, focus on your strength. If you want to bounce back from failure, focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do. Give anything you are doing your very best. Remember whatever is what doing well. Stretch yourself and push beyond your limits.

I’m sure you know that you don’t fail all the time. There are times you did something very well. Remind yourself of those times and fully concentrate on how you can achieve success in the area of your strength. A word of caution here. When I say you should focus on your strength I’m not saying that if yours is a matter of character failure you should ignore it and focus on your strength. That will be suicidal. Use the word of God to overcome your character flaws.

Third, Keep moving. It does not matter how many times you have failed. Pick up the broken pieces of your life again and keep going. Let the people who like to mock at others keep laughing at you. You don’t mind them. Just keep moving on until you bounce back from failure to achieve great things in life.

If you can have the right perspective when you encounter temporary failure in life, focus on your strength and keep moving on in spite of the challenges you are facing, there is no Jupiter that can stop you on your way to achieve great things in life.

I dare you to take these principles and build them into your life begin from today.

The angels are still in the whirlwinds.

Thank you for allowing me to share this my candid thoughts with you today. You are not born to suffer, there is a seed of greatness within you. Only you can make your life a masterpiece. You have an option, either you sit down and bemoan your fate or use your mind to design a workable plan and go live your life intentionally. The choice is yours. Thank you and God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

Matthew is a Motivational Speaker.

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