The Minister Of Electricity’s Unenviable Mission

Of Clear, Clean And Conscienceless Scandals  

It was reported that in any given week,

Ohood bint Khalfan Roumi, the Minister

of Happiness for the United Arab Emirates

is no stranger to strange requests like:


I got a traffic ticket, Honourable Madam

Minister, and guess what? I’ve no idea

how to fix it. Minister, can you imagine,

my parents won’t accept my marriage!


Despite receiving awkward pleas like:

Please make us happy, she steadily

stated, “This is serious business for the

government. It’s no laughing matter”.


When interviewed about what it means

to lead a portfolio that seeks to promote

happiness ,a positive attitude in government,

and life, H.E. Roumi does not mince her words.


“What is the purpose of government if it

does not work toward the happiness of

the people? It’s the duty and role of the

government to create the right conditions”.


The minister talks about the creation

of conducive conditions in which citizens

have jobs, sound infrastructure, empowerment,

a good education, healthcare ,safety and security.

“It touches on medicine, health, sciences,” she explains.


Meanwhile, South Africa’s President Ramaphosa appointed

a minister of electricity in the face of that nation’s worst-ever

power crisis which has wreaked chaos and frustration. Needless

to say that the new minister is under pressure. So is the ANC. I hear

queries like: “Sir, be serious, are you in the dark that we’re angry?”

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