The Landing Of Nigeria Airways

Jarlath Opara

Jarlath Opara

In 1960, this aircraft was constructed, having in mind all the indigenous peculiarities for effectiveness ,  the first pilots were at their  best, having understudied the foreign pilots that  managed it for years.

They were considerably good ,fair enough  to avoid clash landing the aircraft and other things that would possibly mar its operational cost.

The weather has not been clement,  turbulents here and there, even when  it was pretty obvious it would crash land, it keeps moving, struggling to get to its  destination.

As years go by,  the quality of pilots on board keeps dwindling, creating more human but  avoidable challenges for the aircraft and the passengers, making  its clash landing  more  obvious that it was years  ago.

Over 60 years when  it took off,airborne to its Eldarado ,  the flight is yet  to get to the destination.

The passengers are getting  weary, frustrated and  disillusioned, while  the cabin crew  jump and struggle to be the main pilot .

Sadly,  many  of them quite deficient in the ethics and professionalism of flying an aircraft as big as Nigeria Airways.

The Airways 60 years ago was the bride of all , a sight for sore eyes , a pride  for all ,envied by all, who  saw not only  its dawn but its potential as one  that  would bring change  unprecedented, in the way and manner things were  done.

60 years gone, the aircraft is still airborne,  not too sure when it would land safely to its destination.

Each  moment brings its peculiar challenges and each pilot compounds it further by their careless and lacklustre approach to the very  turbulence that makes landing very challenging.

We have been  airborne too long,  we have  weathered many life threatening turbulence, severally the meteorological forecast has shown the imminence of a possible cloudy weather  and the certainty of a crash if caution is not  applied.

As bad as it could be, God has been merciful,  pulling  it from such a disaster.

Suddenly, there was a shout,  a revolt ,something very  close to a revolution, calling for a change  of pilot.

It had never  been like this, passengers speaking in one voice, demanding for a particular  brand  of a pilot to fly Nigeria Airways.

Before now, they  never bordered much, who cared ? their interest wasn’t on who pilots or not, once  they are given some packets of “biscuits and water” they are good and the aircraft can be flown by anyone only God knows.

The process wasn’t owned by the passengers, they were  not  involved, more at an aloof than committed .

The turbulence is getting more critical and dangerous.  The “packets of biscuits and water”are no more sufficiently  preferred to their life and the safety of the future of their  children.

It is no more  business as usual, else the  entire  generation  airborne, would crash,  destiny lost,  future marred and prospects gone.

The cry and shout  for a new pilot is getting  to its  crescendo.  The passion with  which  they are  shouting for the change is strong,  ready to do the unimaginable, more of a moving train, the momentum too high, ready to crush anything on its way.

The aircraft is flouncing  now, not because of turbulence, but a sign that it would soon land not crash land.

From  10 feet above the sea level of corruption, nepotism, tribalism, religious sensationalism and all the isms that  have  crippled its progression, it will soar again to a height off the danger zone, only if the yearnings of the masses are heeded to.

We are too close to the boiling point of colossal disintegration if there is no change of pilots, not anything goes pilot, not free for all pilot, off course not a square peg in a round hole  pilot. The one with a steady hand to press on the buttons, whose desire to fly the aircraft isn’t just an ambition,  isn’t equally not  it being  “my time and slot” but one with a burning dispassionate zeal to fly it to a safe harbour.

This  is a matter of life and death! We are in it together, sitting on a dry gun power around  glowing charcoals.

Nigeria Airways had been around.  Its growth and progress should be better than what it is now. There is a tremendous misplacement of priorities,administration and its basic aeronautical ethics  very  inappropriate .

We have hovered enough, too close to danger zones.  Now is the time  to move off  such critical areas and land the entire passengers safely, to a safer harbour, where all the wishes of our fore fathers would  be actualized.

2023 the turning point  of Nigeria Airways! We move in multitude!


Jarlath Opara

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