The Internet Of Things Is Our Thing

Of Clear, Clean And Conscienceless Scandals  

Part 1

Part 1 will explore technology, its people,

its idiosyncrasies and its terminologies.

Part 2 will help you inhabit the world of

AI for a while and touch on what the maker

of the internet is up to these dynamic days.

It looks like heads will roar and roll, do not dare

miss out on that bite of the cherry and more…


Now let us ease into the realm of technology.

Let us do that because the world of technology

is intriguing, mind-blowing and ever-changing.

I am told that a person who works in the field

of technology is a technologist, and terminology

sometimes goes from gentle to wild when we talk

of one who loves, follows or is knowledgeable about it.


Computer experts come in many shapes, shades and sizes:

from computer programmers or software engineers , network

and computer systems administrators to support specialists.


By the same token, technology enthusiasts and users

can be characterised and defined in many loose ways.

For instance a loose definition of a person who loves

to code could include words like: code junkie, developer,

scripter, code wizard, code geek, hacker,  codaholic, etc.


One who is enthusiastic and conversant with technology

can be termed…an IT technician. A computer scientist.

A techie. A nerd. Techno-savvy. And … a technophile.

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