Hullabaloo of Nigeria’s democratic transitions

Hullabaloo of Nigeria’s democratic transitions

The Illusions Of May 29

Few days to get there. We will surely get there. Few days for it to dawn. And it will surely dawn. As long as we are alive, May 29th just like any other day will come to pass. It will surely come and surely it will pass.

Recently I had a call from a friend who asked me if God is really concerned about Nigeria, if Tinubu could be the Messiah in disguise God is giving Nigeria and if the men of God in Nigeria have become deaf not to have heard from God concerning the election.

From the tune of his voice it was obvious he has lost hope in the new Nigeria project and the reality of the Obi’ mandate. He is not the only person that has unintentionally slided into a depressing mood of what the future holds for the mandate which we all strived for but was robed of it broad day.

Many have moved on with the trend, some very resilient on it while others are neither here nor there; whatever becomes of May 29th they are fine with it.

This shows me the kind of stuff some Nigerians are made of and their resilient spirit, which for me is weak and brittle in nature. It is easy to shout new Nigeria. Very simple to dance around, screaming Obidient but not such an easy task sustaining the force, the push and shove to birth such a new Nigeria.

The kingdom of God sufferers violence only the violent will take it by force, not the lilly levered, certainly not the neither here nor there oh yes members who are fans of the gods and goddesses stomach infrastructures.

An average Nigeria is gullible, seeking for things that will benefit him and him alone. An average Nigeria is selfish, once he is fine, home and dry, any other person can cruise to hell. An average Nigeria is malleable, what gives him excitement today may be his aversion tommorow. What he fought with his blood yesterday may be his detest today, what he treated with aversion and loath today may be his embrace tomorrow.

May 29th isn’t an illusion.It must come and it must pass too. The means justifies the end not the other way round.

Abuja is gradually bubbling. Hotels in around the city are experiencing boom. In the coming days the FCT will become a beehive of activities. Hopes are high, expectations very feverish and how it will pan out very uncertain.

Since the history of Presidential inauguration, 2023 29th May remains the most talked about. The most uncertain and the most anticipated, one with possible twist and sudden pulling of strings. If those who are ordinarily should be certain about the date are themselves uncertain . Wahala!

The bride isn’t making too much noise about the date for the uncertainties surrounding it is too thick for a knife to be sliced through it.

29th May 2023 will surely come! What comes with it is shrouded in secrecy.

My words for Nigerians, an idea whose has come must sprout no matter the supression and harshness of the environment.

It takes one man to cause a revolution, not crowd of undescerning minds.

Revolution isn’t a stroll in the park or a sip of hot coffee. It is an enterprise for the bold, the courageous, the resilient, the selfless and those whose love for order and discipline is far above personal gains.

29th May will come. Tinubu may be sworn in but the end of the matter is where the joy everlasting is.

Move on with the stolen vehicle. Enjoy the cruise as long as it lasts, the owner will surely get it back.

Lastly go read the book of judges chapter 6.

*Because of these signs Jerubbaal knew God was on his side. Gideon had 32,000 soldiers and God told Gideon he had too many soldiers. Then God said ” Go tell the men that if they are afraid that they may leave.” Twenty thousand men left leaving Gideon with ten thousand men. God again appeared to Gideon and said to him, “There are still too many soldiers. Lead them down to the river, and I will test them for you there*

Many have ported! Lost hope and interest, became forlorn and discouraged. Those who are in this category are not fit to go to this war for a new Nigeria.

Sadly, many have found themselves in such situation.The good news is, there are still able and reliable people found worthy to fight this war. Are you still standing or has your faith and hope failed you?

On our mandate we stand with or with 29th May inauguration!


Jarlath Uche Opara

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