I watched a five minute skit where a teacher asked one of the pupils how many apples would she have if he gave her two apples and later gave her another two apples. Shockingly, the young girl repeatedly said five.

Trying hard to get the girl answer it correctly he brought out two apples and gave her, moments later he brought out another two and gave her , then he asked, how many apples do you have? Sadly and most disappointedly she answered five.

He changed the question to orange all in an effort to make her get the answer. If I gave you two oranges and later gave you another two more, how many oranges would you have? Four she answered.

Surprised and shocked that she got the answer with orange but repeatedly failed with apples , the teacher pulled her ears and showed disgust over her inability to know that same answer for orange goes for apple.

To his shock and dismay, the little girl explained why the discrepancies in her answers, not that she was that dumb as the teacher and other pupils may have thought. I have one apple already in my bag she revealed.

The teacher didn’t know there was an apple in her bag. Her fellow students that laughed at her didn’t equally know about the extra apple in her bag. They all judged her based on what they could see and perceive.

The above summarily defines what life is. It comes with hidden Apples, known to the owner and God alone.

When faced with people’ attitude and reactions to the quizz and puzzles of life, find out first what is in their bags before concluding if their reaction or response is awkward, silly, folly or apt and correct, there may afterall be an Apple hidden in the bag.

The power of why can change impressions, bring clarity to something that seems vague and opaque.

It gives room for explanation, creates access to the hidden places of life where the hidden Apple may be unknown to one.

If the teacher had used the power of “why” quite early he would have understood the little girl and case closed, rather he was obsessed with the fact that she couldn’t answer such a simple question even with detailed illustration.

Life is deep! Just don’t judge, seek for the why. Just don’t hear and run with it , seek for the why. We are all with our different bags, only God knows the things in there which others may not know.

Always use this power of “why”. What seems to one as 6 may look like 9 for someone. What looks white for someone may appear black for another. The “why” may be able to explain if there is a case of jaundice or some ocular defects somewhere.

Always late to school, dirty and unkempt. Each time he comes late, he would recieve some strokes of cane. Nobody cared to find out what his problem was. For them he was careless and unserious. If only the teacher had used the power of “why”, he would have found out why he was always coming late in an untidy school uniform. He would have known that before he goes to school he would rush to the hospital to give food to the sick mother.

We would equally have found out how desperate the boy needed help and encouragement than the hot strokes of cane he recieved daily.

Learn to ask why. Life is deep! Just don’t assume and pass judgement. Ask that simple “why”, you will be shocked on the enlightenment that would come, casting illumination on things we may have assumed and impressions formed in our minds.

Life is deep! Hidden are Apples one may not know until one asks that powerful WHY!

Before you judge me and nail me on the cross, profiling me with names that may afterall not reflect my real self, please ask me that “why” that seeks explanation and clarity.


Jarlath Uche Opara Jarlathuche@gmail.com

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