Bestselling author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at HCLS Miller Branch.

An Eagle, white as it is, is beyond flaws and dent. Throw dirts and stinks at it , however deliberate, its beauty and aura of Impeccable values and integrity diminish it to nothing.

Who has seen a heroine of late? Whose ultrances and carriage shocked and shook the entire world?

Seated in an assuming manner, so ethereal in beauty with the sagacity of an Athenian scholar she reduced mountains into molehill by turning the juvenile fulmunation of non juvenile persons into a public butt.

No shouting, no coarse pontification on banality, no Insults, no flaunting and gesticulation in arrogance and emptiness, rather with the urbane of a well schooled soul, turned the infantile fury of the geriatrics and overgrown juveniles into a guillotine that eventually hanged them in their folly and scally characterization.

Fascist! Fascism!! Everybody was shouting, accusing those that have nothing to do with it. The Heroine came, mounted the stage with sauve and candor, the table was turned, giving the word its apt place in the literary space , chronicling with ease and confidence the crime barefacedly committed against a nation striving to evolve which by every stretch of imagination speaks facism so loudly that they pretended not to hear.

The table was broken, shattered and shredded into saw dust. Their juvenile fulmunation is expected as usual.

Let it come! Let them bring it on! Our duty, the only duty we owe this country is just to say what happened with integrity, dispassionately, devoid of projections, tribal colouration , religious sentiments and halo effect consideration but poised to write our names sufficiently on the path of truth.

Chimamanda Adichie! Dike Asa!!


Jarlath Opara

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