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The Demystification Of Sunday Igboho And The Unreliability Of Juju

On the heels of his flight from Jubril of Sudan’s police state, Sunday Igboho was nabbed in Cotonou, Benin Republic while attempting to beat a hasty retreat to Germany. That Igboho was succesfully busted without him evaporating into thin air further serves to cast doubt on the efficacy of his much flaunted Juju. This disgraceful demystification of Igboho by an ethnicism-skewed government accentuates the primacy of technology-driven conflicts over Juju-propelled ones. The fate of Igboho at this point is a representation of that of a typical African person whose undoing has been accelerated by his reliance on Juju and the metaphysical while being reluctant to acknowledge and subject himself to logic, science and technology.

Though touted as unconquerable, Benin Kingdom had been overtaken by similar fate when her fetishism failed in protecting it against British invasion during the Benin Punitive Expedition of 1897. In the aftermath of that invasion, artefacts including those assumed as untouchables were ferried off to the United Kingdom by the invading forces while the latter had left trails of devastation of Benin Kingdom’s human and material contents in its wake. Until the deities of science and technology are incorporated in our pantheon, the unpredictability and unreliability of Juju and the metaphysical would most likely continue to facilitate our defeat in every sphere of our being.


Adeyemi Oyerinde Esq

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