The Cry of the Hangman

Nwaorgu Faustinus

Nwaorgu Faustinus

Who is Joe Igbokwe to determine who is Igbo and who is not?

Does he know that Amaechi’s people lost their ownership of property in the same Port Harcourt because of the war?

Does he know that one of Amaechi’s kinsmen, Late Jackson Mpi was Chairman of Eastern Nigeria Council of Chiefs?

Is he also aware that Amaechi’s people were denied access to Government House in Rivers State for over 35 years simply because they were “tagged not to be trusted with power as Igbos”?

Does he also know that the frustration Amaechi is facing in his Ministry and inability to execute the Eastern Railway corridor is because he is Igbo?

Is he not aware that the gang up against all Igbos in the present government is also affecting Amaechi?

Does Joe Igbokwe want to be the tool to be used again to stop an Igboman from accessing power as it was done to Zik of Africa via some elements from the West?

It was the same conspiracy that stopped Chief Alex Ekwueme of blessed Memory of becoming the President in 1999. Some Igbo brothers like Joseph’s brothers sold him out.

When it is time to punish Ndigbo, they are lumped up as one. Reason both Ojukwu, Nzeogwu and Ifeajuna amongst others from today’s Rivers and Bayelsa were regarded as brothers. But when it is time for reward, someone is recruited to sing the Lord’s song in a strange land.

The vituperation of a respected son of Igbo land and his discordant tunes in the market square faraway Lagos reveals the selfish motive of Joe Igbokwe and other lost sheep of Ndigbo.

Just as I would prefer a Pius Anyim than a Dave Umahi in 2023 is the same way Joe Igbokwe would choose a Tinubu than an Amaechi for the top job.

It is purely for personal reasons.

Tinubu is accepted in Lagos as a Lagosian in spite of his natural roots in Osun. It will be foolhardy for anyone to try to separate Asiwaju from Ekó!

Same way Joe cannot tell Amaechi his real roots in spite of boundaries created for a specific purpose.

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, the fight is yours except there is an agenda to change your Constitution on who constitutes the Igbos of Nigeria.

May history not repeat itself!

All Igbos across the world must watch Joe Igbokwe closely because he has been  sent on a mission to be a hangman for his brother.

Ndigbo in the hinterland and the Coastal region, anya saa unu. “Shine your eyes”



Oby Ndukwe Writing from Port Harcourt


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