The greatest joy one can have is sharing their lives with someone else. Someone who loves them. That person who makes them feel beautiful or masculine, sexy or desirable as the case may be.

There is an inner peace that comes with making passionate love to someone you desire. You want them to be a part of your life and forever. Someone to hold and to share life struggles with.

As humans, we find it difficult to share the spotlight! We don’t want to share the attention we receive from our loved one. We want it all to ourselves. It makes us happier and strengthens our mental health.

Behavioural scientists have posited that people who are in a loving relationship with the opposite sex or what have you, are likely to live long and those who are single, with no one to share life struggles with are likely to have a shortened life span.

But like gases, we just have real situations and never idealistic ones.

The said humans who love to have the spotlight for themselves are also more likely to love more than one person. They are said to be polygamous in nature.

This leads to so many cases of cheating partners who probably look for more essence from more than a partner. Their argument may be that no one has it all. You can not find all qualities desired in one particular person.

Well, some devise ways to augment. They go for other partners hence dividing the attention meant for the said love of their lives and causing even more chaos.

Hearts are broken. People are disappointed and hurt beyond measure.

The downside to this is that many people do not know how to manage disappointments, which have been reiterated as part of living and slowly they spiral down to depression and a feeling of worthlessness.

Love is great but your mental health is greater.

Katchy Ohiaeri 2020.

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