In the land where the sun rises,

Where dreams are born and hopes surprise,

The people went to cast their votes with anticipation,

To exercise their right in a free nation.


But the ballot, a mere box to hold their voice,

Became a battlefield, a vile and brutal choice,

As thugs and hoodlums unleashed their might,

Intimidating voters with violence and fright.


The promise of fair play, a mere mirage,

A cliché that became a sorrowful adage,

The electoral body, once held in high esteem,

Failed to deliver the democracy it was deemed.


Billions invested, yet the people were deceived,

As the ballot boxes were snatched and burned, bereaved,

Their voices drowned in the cacophony of power,

And their dreams crushed in the darkest hour.


The security forces stood idle, a disgrace,

As the thugs and hoodlums took their place,

Stealing the crown from the rightful winner,

Leaving the nation in a state of utter turmoil and anger.


The fall of democracy, a mournful tune,

As the people wept beneath the sun and moon,

Their dreams shattered, their hopes in despair,

And the nation left to face the aftermath of the nightmare.


But hope still flickers in the hearts of the brave,

Who fight for the right to choose and pave,

A path to a new dawn of democracy,

Where the people’s voice reigns supreme in this society.


The sun shall rise again on this land of dreams,

And the people’s voices shall echo through the streams,

Of a democracy that truly belongs to all,

And not just to the chosen few who seek to install.

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