The battle of Breast and Nyansh

515 views | Stanley Ugagbe | May 24, 2021

Again, I am under necessity to harp on a subject that ordinarily, I would shy away from. This is because not only that the subject is sacred, but also that it ought to be a private affair. However, since our brothers and sisters who are still in Babylon have made it a public discourse, it is imperative that we attempt to address the monster so as to reduce the number of fellows that will totally plunge into moral bankruptcy.

Without mincing words, the ministry of Nyansh and Breast is as old as man but it was created to be a Non-Public business. And like many other ill developments, it has surreptitiously crept into the public domain and has established itself as a strong ministry and it is now flourishing like cedars of Lebanon.

Like many other concerned fellows, I have been watching with un-keen interest how the two juicy products that the ministry has, have suddenly seen a surge in public demand as against the norm the society was accustomed to. And so, I may be asking a lot of questions to ascertain what birthed this sudden demand and what changed since I am inexperienced.

The ugly part about this ill development is that virtually every sector is now being conquered with breast and nyansh. You come on social media and everywhere is inundated with breasts and nyansh. Like people are saying, this is my breast and nyansh, how do they look! You go to the work place and these two products are sampled all over the place from the gate to the inner circle. You go to weddings – your goodness, it is a fierce battle of who has the biggest breast and nyansh! You go to citadels of learning, if you’re not careful, you will begin to measure sizes of breast and nyansh because they will be all over your face. Even comedy skits are now being flooded with breasts and nyansh. Let’s not even mention entertainment houses because those are the epicenter of this breast and nyansh pandemic. If not that the scriptures have said from the beginning that the gate of hell will not prevail over the church, I would have been tempted to aver that breast and nyansh may overthrow the Church.

For those who know so much about this ministry, I want to ask; what exactly is the aim of this sudden surge in demand for big breasts and big nyansh? Does having big breasts and big nyansh make one more human than other humans? What value do those products add to the society or the individual in question? Has there ever been any positive feat that was achieved through big breasts and nyansh? Has anyone been glorified for sampling their breasts and nyansh? Can big breasts and Nyansh even keep marriage?

The competition is now becoming so stiff that so many ladies are going the extra mile to ensure that they have big breasts and big nyansh. “My goodness, my ass is growing fast,” “if you’re a lady, try and have big breasts and nyansh,” these posts were made by ladies. It’s worrying that posture of your backside is now the norm – operation show your backside.

What is more disturbing is that this ill development is not exclusive to our brothers and sisters in Babylon. Many, who are in the Church, hiding under the canopy of Christianity have taken over this egregious crusade of propagating the good news – sorry, the bad news of breast and nyansh. How do we explain to our brothers and sisters that breast and nyansh are private parts and should be properly covered? How do we tell our brothers and sisters that commercializing your body is bad? In Genesis, when God saw that Adam and Eve were not properly covered, He made new clothes for them to cover their bodies properly.

For me, moral bankruptcy is the greatest pandemic rocking this generation and if not tamed, the end result is eternal damnation. Today, I am not going to ask you to rescind your propagation or commercialization of breast and nyansh, but let everyone naming the name of Christ renounce unrighteousness.


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