The Aftermath of COVID 19 in Africa. (Written by Bankole, Azeezat Bola)

564 views | Azeezat Bankole | March 25, 2020

Finally, it’s here!

The world’s pandemic disease, COVID -19 has make its trip to the Africa continent, and the possibility that it can be contained and curtailed against spreading through the 54 countries (over 23 countries have been infected)  within the continent cannot be presumed. Africa is not ready to be a host of this dreadful disease.

Needless to say that, the world is in chaos at the moment and humans isolation is one of the remedy to prevent the spread in the world. The COVID-19 took wheel over the whole world within the littlest time but its effects had been outrageous occasioning the death of thousands of people around the globe.

According to WHO, the virus had emanated from Wuhan Province in Chinaand has since then been on exploit of different countries in the world. It was been reported that some of the people infected in Chinaare thus discharged from the hospital; as it is now, no one could ascertain the medications used to combat the virus in China.

The rate of the infection in theUnited State of America has also skyrocketed hence, the American president, Donald trump, while addressing the media on Friday said that it’s been proposed to scientists in the US to use Anti-malaria drug,chloroquine to treat the virus. Unfortunately, the virus had strong resistance to the drug.

Italy, which is located with 7,562km from China, is been thrown into a distraught and inconsolable situation by the virus. The whole world prayers, attention and sympathies are with Italy for the hardships posed on hercitizens and hundreds of lives claimed by the virus; the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte expressed his frustration and declared that they are looking up to the sky for help since all laid down scientific solutions where not working. South Korea is also having a bigger share of the cake, as the virus had reported spent over 60 days in their abode.

Although, there’re common factors among majority of the countries that were first attacked by the virus, and it is of their great technological advancements, outstanding and reliable medical capability, sustainable facilities and infrastructures, robust medical research and technical know-how in various aspect of the social and economic issues. However, COVID-19 pandemic disease has indeed trampled against their great walls and found ways into the cities to claim lives of people in these countries.

To a large extent, this pandemic disease has sabotage the world economy; interrupted social events meant to promote unity and solidarity amongst countries in the world; elections in various countries on put  hold; interferenceon human co-existed and relationships. Moreover, to think that we need to avoid one another, stay in isolation are major ways to avoid the disease from spreading, I could only sense the disunion of human sorority.

Now, the Africa Continent is on the pursuit to tackling the same battle the US, UK and China could not conquer. We not ready!  At least not after almightyUS failed to fight and win against the pandemic nor the great China combat the virus before it killed thousands of her citizens. South Korea was quick to put measures in place; the virus is still taking toil on the people.

Why did the African leaders let loose of their guard to have allowed the virus into our continent?

Honestly, I am certain the virus would not have been a world dispute should the virus emanated from one of African countries, as it did in China. Trust the US, Uk and entire European countries to have their borders closed against our continent and stop all air flights making trips (in and fro) to the various continents at all cost. They are smart enough to understand the danger the virus could pose on their countries and economy, which is of course a way to take precautionary measures and protect their lives and property. These countries only for make healthy relationships void of threats or capable of ruining their safety and wellbeing, no matter what.

We could have been more careful and take precautionary measures before we have the big deal takes its exploitwithin our continent. To think we are lacking in many aspects compared to the rest of most countries in the world, we ought to have shut our borders and prevented air flights from affected countries the free entry and exit into our continent. Nigeria should have laid good example, if not South Africa for others to emulate within the Africa Continent.

The World Health Organization was quick to understand and show concern for the aftermath and detriments of the disease might have on the Africa’s unstable economy, and had implored all the African governments to curtail the spread of the disease within their continent. However, Most Africa countries turned deaf ears and kept allowing people from infected countries into their abode; some Africans kept travelling here and there, for what exactly?

According toOECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), the world economy would take years to recover from the detriments of the pandemic disease; I could only see a finger pointing directly to the Africa continent. You probably know why too.

We mostly depend on the rest of the world for so many things, but this time will be different. No country will be out there to be his brother’s keeper, because each has more than enough detriments caused by the dreadful disease to deal with; even after recovery many countries would be on the journey to finding their ground and rebuilding their economy afresh. So, there might no room to render assistance to another country or continent.

Africans ways and approaches to lot of things in life need to be question; Now, China has make a donation of thousands of medical kits to Africans in Ethiopia. How long do we think it will last? Do we have any lesser time to carry out the test of COVID-19other than 8 hours in the lab? Are those medical kits from China(lest we can do is to be grateful for the kind gesture) new or used? Can we afford to ever produce or buy new medical kits to tackle the pandemic?

The number of cases kept increasing; Africans are not taking heed neither is dissemination of information done in local languages for unlettered citizens of the countries to understand that, no one has resistance against the virus.

I am indeed scared of the world shutting their door against Africa Continent in the next few months because of the ongoing pandemic. To me, this and more will be the greatest aftermath of COVID-19 in our beloved Continent.

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