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Testrogen Innovation Hub Launch

TestrogenHub will be launching the 1st innovative hub in Ebonyi state, South-East Nigeria. The hub is set to put the state on the map for all things tech.

Testrogen hub does not only inspire people to ‘think solutions’ but also support them to turn their innovative ideas into realities.

The launch which will hold on Thursday, 26th September 2019 has Dr. Sam Amadi as the speaker.

According to Dr. Sam Amadi on his Twitter handle, @SamAmadi “I am interested in the Ebonyi case because the Bible says “the first shall be the last”. Therefore the last shall be the first. I am interested in the Ebonyi case because Jehovah always delights in the elevation of the despised.”

The hub hopes to invest in young people for a sustainable future, improve the quality of life through sustainable innovation and become Africa’s leading tech hub.

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