Telecom Companies Complain About Sector’s Various Taxes

telecom companies

The Association of Telecommunications, Information Technology, Cable Satellite Network Operators and Allied Services Employers of Nigeria (ATICEN), a group of employers, has lamented the numerous taxes imposed on the industry, claiming that attempts to collect the taxes by public actors were impairing all forms of telecom service.

Adede Williams, the president of ATICEN, stated during a meeting of stakeholders that operational constraints and socioeconomic issues have a negative impact on their costs and bottom line.

He contends that the majority of taxes and levies are unlawful and ought to be removed. Williams argued that obstacles must be taken down in order to streamline business processes in the telecom sector.

He also encouraged the government to take some action to solve the issues facing the industry. According to him, the union, which was registered last year, was created to safeguard the interests of its members, foster employment possibilities, and promote industry growth.

According to him, the purpose of the stakeholders’ gathering was to explore and present workable solutions to the industry’s problems as well as the worries Nigerian employers were facing.

“As Chief Executive Officers, we owe a duty to our employees to go beyond providing employment. This is why we are here today deliberate on the relevancy of our association in helping ourselves to identify the way forward in some of the challenges faced in the industry,” he said.

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