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Teenagers’ Corner: How Can I Get Better At School?

Several teenagers are sitting in a row of desks in a classroom. They are all reading a novel.

Success is something that everyone desires. But if it were so easy, everyone who wanted it would have it.  Its relative exclusiveness is what makes it special. It’s exclusive to a handful of people who did extraordinary things to get them to where they are and it’s not because they were lucky.

Becoming successful in school is not magic. There are sacrifices that you must ‘continually’ make to be among the best. This is because even the so-called ‘super intelligent’ students can’t stop studying if not they will fall like the wall of Jericho.

The following among others are tips that will help you do better at school.

1. A healthy attitude toward learning. It’s hard to be motivated to do well in school if you have a negative view of learning. You have to develop and maintain a positive attitude toward learning. Apostle wrote ‘The man who plows ought to plow in hope and the man who threshes ought to do so in the hope of being a partaker’-1Cor 9<10. Don’t set yourself up for disaster by thinking that you’re simply not capable of improving or being the best at school. When beset with negative thoughts about your abilities, replace them with positive thoughts.

2. Good study habits. As noted above, there is no shortcut to success. It’s either you study or you dance to the humiliation of failure. To do well at school, you have to cultivate and most importantly, maintain good study habits. The following study habits will help you do better at school if well maximized.

3. Find a study area. Locate a spot where you can study that is free of distractions. Studying and watching Television is a bad study habit. So always ensure that the TV is off and also avoid all form of distractions.

4. Set priorities right. Since your schooling is important, resolve that you won’t turn the TV on until you’re done with your homework. Don’t study and play at the same time.

5. Avoid procrastination. He that observeth the wind shall not sow and he that regardeth the cloud shall not reap, says Ecclesiastics 11<4. Never postpone what you can do now. Have a definite time for your homework and stick with it.

6. Have a plan. Decide which project you should tackle first, which one second, and so forth. Write them on paper and give each a deadline-time limit.

7. Take breaks. The human brain is not a robot. If you find yourself losing focus, stop for a brief rest. But get back to your homework as soon as possible.

8. Have confidence in yourself. If others can do it, you too can do it. You too can become the best in your school. Believe in yourself!

9. Be disciplined. It takes discipline to adhere to the tips mentioned above. You have to propose in your heart to diligently follow your set standard even as you trust God to help you!

As you take conscious steps to do better at school, may you receive the grace to become an excellent student in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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