Sunday Dare assures of restructuring the national football team

315 views | Olorunfemi Adejuyigbe | November 23, 2020

Nigeria’s minister of sports, Sunday Dare promises a total restructuring of the Nigerian national team, Super Eagles, so as to be a force to reckon with in world football.
Speaking to reporters, he also assured that the executive side of the football federation will be looked into; he said the recent display of the Super Eagles in the AFCON qualifiers has called for a serious look into the Nigeria football federation as a whole.
“Football sometimes throws up unpredictable outcomes. We believe in the skills and talents of Super Eagles players. The team’s set up to correct the obvious lapses.
“We believe that when we hire a technical adviser; when we put our fate in the hands of some people, we expect some returns. If you hire a manager for your company and you don’t get the results you expect, you have the right to review your operation and take very critical decisions.
“My point is that we are going to sit back, review what has happened, and determine whether the players are qualified or not to play for the team. We will also look at the Technical Adviser and also the entire people involved in football administration and the Super Eagles.”
“You see when you fail to do the necessary checks, then you run the risk of repeating the same mistakes, failures, and disappointments.”
Speaking further he made it known that he has the authority to make decisions as it concerns the Sports arm of the country.
“The Super Eagles represent Nigeria, sing Nigeria’s national anthem and wear Nigerian jerseys. So, without Nigeria as a sovereign country, they have nobody to represent.
 “When we look at their operations to make them better, it is no interference. They represent 200 million Nigerians and not any association or any individual. They carry our hopes and aspirations and as minister of sports of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is my responsibility to ensure that the interest of Nigerians is protected.”

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